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It, even this group Put help plan 9 11 murdered hundreds of Americans in Iraq funds, trains and arms has Bala Hamas, the PFLP terrorist groups and the group that murdered 100 Jews in Buenos Aries. So this is just one of the bad people are real. Haynes, the director of national intelligence has signed anti Israel letters demanding Usual should be criticized more condemning Israel for violence, terrorism, incitement, total lines and saying the Democratic platform has to have more anti Israel actions who listed on the first one. I listed Woz, the attorney general nominee, Merrick Garland, What can you tell us about Merrick Garland? Hmm. I assumed he'd be okay. He's always listed as a moderate. I looked at the cases he was involved in his decisions have repeatedly blocked or limited innocent Arab American victims of person Arab terrorism and Iranian terrorism for obtaining justice, for example, Astra climate and American schoolteacher who was murdered by the pillow in Israel. The family suit, and he said they have no right to sue a zit pillow. Even though we have laws on the books, recent laws that say this a foreign entity was Steve's U. S assistance at the Palestinians do has services in the U. S. As the Palestinians did. Then they are liable under our laws. And yet, he said, they're not liable under our laws and an Arab American, whose name is a seed, Mohammed Raheem. He was captured in Jericho when he was visiting in that area. It was tortured and killed by the pillow. When the family sued Merrick Garland said. They had no standing. They can't sue. And there many, many others so even the attorney general, is somebody. Who's not been sympathetic to punishing that terrorists, murderers of both American Jews and American non Jews. Now I have said, because I will with witness it firsthand. But with his decisions on Jerusalem, the embassy it's clear for anyone that this is the most Philo Semitic president, the most pro Israeli president since 1948 and the rebirth of Israel. What are your expectations? As a result of everything you've just said, when it comes to the successes of this administration in when, when the Biden administration takes over more, there's gonna be a transformation in the attitude toward Israel. Donald Trump is the greatest friend Israel's ever had in the White House. Now we're gonna have people who are hostile, including by where the press secretary gentle sake publicly. Question is what's commitment that peace never questioned the past. The authorities commitment that piece Onboard. I'm that is we're building in Jerusalem is posing the atmosphere, So I'm looking. Unfortunately, I hope I'm wrong. Enormous pressure on Israel to stop allowing choose to live in today in Samaria and to promote a Palestinian state, which would be a terrorist state. So and also the cramping moves in the United Nations have more resolutions against Israel that I'm afraid this by administration may not veto justice. Obama didn't veto vicious anti Israel resolutions. Well, I know one thing I know one thing. When Biden was the vice president. Friends were treated. Like enemies and the enemies were cuddled. When we came into the White House and Donald Trump became the commander in chief. Our enemies quaked. And some of them like Isis would destroyed. You know what to expect in the next at least two years until the next election. We will be back to an age where our friends are shunned and our enemies. Given comfort and sucker. Somebody who's willing telling us the truth and will continue to do so is our friend Mort client. Follow him on Twitter at Morton eight clients seven and following supporters organization and Z 08 dot org that C o a Dot org Got basketball. This is America first to your calls Here on 83333 Gorka. That's 8333346752. But first, a question How healthy are you? And are you healthy enough? And did you take your balance of nature today? Like I did? I hope so. Because if you do, that's how you can be the healthiest you possible. Did you hear our interview with great Dr Douglas House yesterday? The inventor of this amazing product. You should It's on our YouTube channel. He offered all.

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