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Tony is eleven years older than mike. That's important to point out here. He'd already written for newsday in his hometown of long island and was at the new york times when he got the attention of a rival gatekeeper in the trade. I'm george solomon. I was sports editor of the washington. Post from one thousand nine hundred seventy five. Two thousand three. I went to new york. I went to an overpriced new york restaurant to cornheiser out to lunch and we decided to offer him a job in which he would split his time between a style and sports. What was it like working with george. Solomon at the post. Tony george's the the the greatest. He knew who was good. He gave those people opportunity and the sports section of the washington post was extraordinarily democratic. You can yell and scream you know the smallest voice could yell and scream at the loudest voice and and i have great fondness in my memory for walking through the sports department at the washington post and knowing that whatever my status was it didn't mean anything now. It didn't get carried. No weight there at all because anybody could say anything to anybody and i think that made us all better and mike who is from chicago. He didn't read for the local sun-times or the tribune the papers he delivered when he was working as a teenager. Mike got his start as an intern for two summers at the paper. Watergate made famous. So they're twenty of us and explain to you. How twenty of you and maybe two of you will make it to of you will make the cut to of you lottery. Picks can come back and work here. And so tom was sick catacombs. Something and they said Tom wilkinson can't take you to lunch. But Bob woodward we'll lunch you'll be taking you to your lunch today like seriously people like throwing up in the locker room. It's like you. Bob woodward there's no Lebron james taking high school seniors to lunch. That's what this is and In today's parlance and he took to lunch. And who the hell knew what he said. Because you're looking at. Bob woodward george solomon looked at intern. Mike wilbon and eventually decided to hire him. Full-time and from there mike antonis reputations grew as did their voices like you've been described as the best deadline writer in american newspapers. Yee's what did deadlines present to you that that's probably the compliment. That means the most to me. I have ever received professionally but sometimes the biggest games of people's lives. I was writing those games. I was trusted to write those ultimately. Because i wanted to go there on deadline or write it. I wanted to do that. A couple of occasions all the olympics. The the great great great things at the olympics. I saw cathy freeman winning the four hundred and sydney and it was the first. I think i ever wrote to my own tears sobbing at the result but i may deadline. He developed sources to where You know when he was at the washington post today when he's at espn. No one has better sources and better contacts in the world of sports and michael. Wilbon tony on. The other hand was both a magazine. Ready stylist and a critic. Not so much the mixer and the mingling type but the guy who would say it like he saw and often say it's our cast about anybody and he helped make that sports section really matter even to the giants of straight news reporting people like woodward and bernstein and the post's top editor ben bradlee. There was a democracy to the way. Ben ran newsroom. In the way he walked through i mean when he walked through everybody. Look that's been bradley. But then would come to the sports section. All the time and hang out. He hung out in the sports section with george with everybody who was working at that time because he wanted to know about the football team and he wanted you know he wasn't as crazy about basketball but football he understood. That was selling papers. Don graham who owned the paper in all the time that i was there don graham love basketball loved you know. He mourned for the baseball team. We didn't have and then we got it again eventually loved football as well so when you are dealing with large presences who like what you do that it just makes it easier because there is on many newspapers there in his an inherent prejudice against the sports section. It is the toys and games like you. People shoot people not real reporters. What does that newsroom. Like pratice place over. Its monument park in yankee stadium. The word that often gets thrown around describing that newsroom at the post. Tony is lively. What was your role in the liveliness of that newsreel. Well i didn't. I didn't have people sit on whoopee cushions or anything like that. Unwelcome chatty chatty will on his chatty we watch things we talk about them. We had a little bit loud. Everybody in that section. Was that way if you weren't shatti. What what was the point of you working there when kornheiser and wilbon eventually became columnists Which was our good fortune. They had offices across the hall from each other very close and they would banter and yell and scream just if they do now on television in fact they did it so often that Very often Our neighbors i the The book world section would come and say is there any you could get them these two guys that tone it down. I know this is a great shock to Your crew and everybody. Espn but at times. Tony tends to complain and life would not be. You know fit fulfill if kornheiser wasn't catching about something you're editor at the washington post. George salomon when we talked to him. He used the word kavech over and over again. That pretty well. I'm trying to syllables. But you've done with the batch. It's not vet smet vetch event. Yeah i don't know he's talking about. I don't think of myself as a chronic complainer which is what that would imply. I don't think of myself that way at all. I know other people didn't like it. We didn't care of people got tired of tony. Me being loud and six thirty on deadline we can give a damn. I still don't give a damn. I run into people occasionally. Who used to work at the post who you antonia who -gratulations but my god you were so distracting and i wanna throw up a middle finger. I knew i shouldn't have that attitude. But i do. Well i've always said many times that i saw. Pti seven or eight years before pta was ever created because my desk was kitty corner to there to death and every day to people these two fleas to hurricanes yelling at each other across the all. David aldridge is the editor in chief of the washington bureau of the athletic and he was at the washington post from nineteen eighty seven to nineteen ninety-six. And tony would come out and say what's the capital of macedonia. And mike would say. Shut up i got jordan on the line..

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