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Notch sticky, fragrance free protection, SC Johnson. Glad to have you along on a Tuesday at 1128. And its traffic and weather on the 8s, back to the traffic center, and Mary de pampa. All right, thanks, Mark. We'll go straight back in the Maryland with our working vehicle fire actually, the fire extinguished now, but 97 is heavy and slow to get through millersville pass, but then feel boulevard near the bell view overpass. You've got that crash that are the vehicle fire where you are staying to the left to get by. Again, it's past benfield boulevard and closer to the bright view road drive overpass. Stay left. On 95 heading northbound, there's work near route 100 blocks on the left side. There was a mobile crew north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, near green belt road, stay right to get by their mowing. Now the outer loop was slow to get on to the Parkway due to said crew, inner loop was slowing near two O two, however crash consolidated to the left shoulder on D.C. two 95 year slow off the Baltimore Washington Parkway working past eastern avenue work here blocks right lane. Bridge inspection south on the George Washington Parkway stay left to get by and the beltway big delays out of Maryland along the outer loop also through Tyson's on the inner loop both directions of the beltway getting too fast. Georgetown pike exit 44. That's the work that blocks the right lanes, the four 95 expansion project. Now we're checking on the George Washington Parkway both directions between the beltway and one 23 now's the time of day you are slow with a single lane only getting by each way on three 95 heading north after edsel road work here is blocking a right lane. Fairfax county has options to get you where you need number one to go, whether it's ride sharing with three for free on express lanes, metro rail, fairfax connector, bus service, visit fairfax county dot gov and search commuter services to find what works for you. Married to pump the W two P traffic. A check of the forecast now, with Eileen whalen. Today's weather a lot like yesterday, just a little bit more in the way of cloud cover, maybe even some hazy sunshine as we continue to track some of that smoke in the upper

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