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In state history. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News northern. California's campfire has now claimed forty two lives with remains of thirty thirteen more people recover today. Hundreds of people unaccounted for the fire continues to burn total number of damaged structures. As of right now is ninety two our total number of destroyed structures. As of right now is seven thousand one hundred and seventy seven Ventura County. Fire captain, Steve Kaufman. Two people confirmed dead in the Wolsey fire in southern California. President Trump has approved an expedited major disaster declaration for California over the fires outgoing governor Jerry Brown had requested decoration which makes victims eligible for crisis counseling housing and other aid nearly a week after the midterm elections in the Arizona Senate races decided with democrat Kirsten cinema, the Victor she spoke fondly of the late. Senator John McCain. Cain and his work across the aisle. Senator McCain is irreplaceable. But his example, we'll guide our next steps forward. He taught us to always assume the best and others to seek compromise instead of selling division and to always put country ahead of party cinemas opponent, Republican Martha accelerate congratulated her on Twitter. Here cinema and congratulated her undercutting Arizona's first female Senator after a hard fought battle. I wish you all success as she represents Arizona in the Senate cinema. We'll place Republican Jeff flake who's retiring. She'll be the first democrat likened to the Senate in Arizona in three decades in Florida. The Senate race between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Bill Nelson in a recount six lawsuits in total have been filed.

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