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Poll. Some of the top stories were working on a regional fight over where a new FBI headquarters will be built escalates in Congress. The Supreme Court has put a temporary pause on lifting pandemic border restrictions known as title 42, the Biden administration has until 5 o'clock today to respond. Keep it here, we'll have full details in just minutes. It's one 18. And it's traffic and weather on the 8s, with Rita kasler and the traffic center. Well, we have a new problem being reported on the beltway. This is the outer loop of the beltway near two O two, the right side was blocked with a broken down vehicle, also we still have the crash investigation affecting westbound four 50 at the beltway. It is along the right side. Keep an eye out in case that ramp from the inner loop to four 50 is still blocked because of this crash investigation. Now, if you're on the beltway, both directions of the beltway headed towards Georgetown pike, the work set up in the left lane, your outer loop delays from river road, your inner loop delays are out of Tyson's near route 7 now, headed past the scene, and the northbound George Washington Parkway slows after one 23 headed past turkey run, state of the right to get by the work, reportedly work in the southbound direction as well. But it's not really causing much of a delay. Southbound 95 after the aqua Quan are actually at the end of the river, the broken down vehicle was reported along the right side of the roadway with V dot on the scene there had also been an earlier work zone after the occupied along the left side. That may in fact have cleared. But northbound three 95 is slow out of Springfield toward duke street, with the work in the right lane, and on D.C. two 95 southbound near eastern the work in the right lane, southbound I two 95 after the 11th street bridge. It's a single lane getting by the work with delays off of the

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