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Call the International Travel Department right now at low cost Airlines 800 to 175107 800 to 175107 800 to 175107. That's 800 to 17 51 07. And welcome back. I'm Frankie Boy or biz talk radio joining us today. Is New York Times author and the books are always so so fabulous. Bill Mueller is with us Get What's yours for health care. This is a very important book everybody because we're not getting all the information. We're not understanding the information. We don't know. How to really navigate our healthcare system. And and can we just say we're are we feel When it comes to our health care system in this country. Where are we in the ranks of the world? Um I think you know the answer. But I'll say anyway, um, we rank near the bottom among major developed countries in healthcare outcomes, even though we spend twice as much per capita on health care as anybody else in those countries. It's not all on the health care system. We don't take great care of ourselves. But the bottom line is we don't get great care especially for the money. We Dole out for the care we do receive. So point of the book is is to say. There are things you can do today to improve the odds in your favor. It's it's sort of health reform for the individual finding better care. And so the book goes over all those details. We really do need this because I will just share with you that if you were to be put in a hospital Today. God forbid, I'm talking pre covert. Not right now, with the mess that we're in with covert. Freak over it. You would go into hospital. And The food that they're serving. Is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. I wouldn't even give it I wouldn't give it to anybody. And they do not. And they do not. I should say Cleveland Clinic is doing a better job, and many of the other, more sophisticated healthcare systems in this country are starting to make some changes and make some reform. Reforms to their menus. But boy Ultra package foods. White bread. Jell O. What was the last time there was a real ingredient in Jell O. Come on with, If you there's not, There's nothing real in Jello. There is not one thing real in Jell O. It's manufactured a dozen years ago had a Chick fil A in the lobby. Unbelievable. I agree with you. It's just It's one of my pet peeves for anyway. Phil. Why not give everybody a vitamin D every day seriously? Zig. All sorts of health practices you and I can agree would be better. And I'm hoping that the people who who want to read this book and take care of their health know some of this already. But he touched layout..

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