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I'm not in daycare and I'll I don't play to me does not do that. You don't talk about policy. Don't but I do have a lot of thoughts timmy. Thoughts on what happened with sailor. I definitely feel like and I know you would know more about this than I would feel like. There's a lot of layers to what Wendy was doing. And how it was shown compared to how it was shown. A good part of me thinks that you all in neck might have been in on this as a plan for Wendell to potentially get these fire tokens from her or maybe even to try to get poverty feel comfortable and to not play an idol that she may have had. That's just kind of suspicion of mine. Well I do too. I will say I don't. I mean I will say like I don't know if I agree that he should be smarter survey his options but at that point he just wasn't on the same page with party that I am vicious to try to like toll bay potentially pulling over on his two closest allies and he he in poverty had that spot where like they just knew. They weren't feeling it with each other. So at that point I think you Kinda just got a shit and just kind of cut your losses and stick with your boys and take out party. What do you think I agree? However the one thing that disagree with window was during tribal when him and poverty had exchange and then he still showed interest in working poverty. At that point of time I will have just shut it down. I would have just been life. Jeff is like so I just felt like that casted more out until like groove core unless there was like a plan that yeah unless it was like a plan to steal. Parties Tokens still go out. But I I agree and also him say like I'll stab you from the front. I'll stab you in the back. Obviously I'm going to do that but you don't need a vocalise that that just makes me. Looks Sketchy definitely however at the end of the day what I can say yes. He'll stab you from the front. That's where he came to do. He came into play when air war. This ain't Plato. This ain't sesame street. Okay so again get dirty. I'm here for it and for all of you. That don't like the new window guests way. He the multifaceted person. And how silly would he be succumb back for winners at war and play the same type of game that he just one one last year? You gotta get gully with okay so I'm here for it. Now let's switch to the other trump because we'll let me let me let me talk about poverty real quick because I had some thoughts on her and how she could have played this a little bit. Better we see a lot of interacted with Wendell. And we see that's not really gonNa work but to me and she talks to nick but I think she could have done a lot more to persuade nick to come to her side. Robber and Stephen talked about this on a little bit but I think poverty. She had a fire. Why does she go to nick? And say if you keep me nick as someone naked someone in the past successfully used an idol nullify. Be like okay. I probably did a good job of laying out. Why Window my portray them. That was good but then on top of that. It'd be like Nick if you save me after tribal I will give you my fire. Tokens. I'll give you my fire. I'll give you everything like why not also that I don't. I don't know if IRA so in this is where I kinda was with poverty. My Bank is against the wall. I obviously know that it's window. Nick and you'll and if I'm poverty I'm not sure whether or not one hundred percent trust Michelle so I'm GONNA WANNA keep every cookie that I have on my cookie jar myself because I might need to use it and so I really choose going home. She in her mind is poverty. Thought feel like she was like there might be a chance that she can survive this vote and then she'll have another little cookie jar to pull their also. I disagree with you because even with the idol nullify if she survives this boat. She's still in the minority. I don't know if there's no use to you. I'm just saying I'm people aren't cookies in the cookie jar and I'm GonNa just try to as much as possible. So you're right you're right you're just she's on she's on edge of extinction now. So I mean I guess. It's you know twenty twenty quarterback in hindsight quarterback. But but I was Kinda SORTA with Hartland like I'm GonNa try to keep everything that I have myself because I itself Presser v Preservation at this point. But it's a self deserve you have to give some of those things we disagree? I know she's saying okay because so here. I mean we see that I mean. This is an epic downfall of Sandra one of the greatest players. Ever play I mean I guess just a recap it real quick. Sandra has immunity idol. And this is the last chance she asked to play ice. What she's feeling good so she offers up to Denise Demeanor Fire TV this immunity and then you could vote out Tony. Jeremy obviously I think denise of those two will pick Tony because she was kind of working with Jeremy And then ultimately denise says look. I don't really have any allegiance to Sandra. I still owe her a fire token to so the best move for me would be to vote out. Sandra honestly and also if I wrote out Sandra no one will know about this exchange unless it's like comes back from the edge of extinction. I think that was a great call by Denise. I don't think it was this. Maybe there's a heartache. I don't think it was a horrible move by Sandra. I think a lot of people go along with that and just vote out Tony but I think she was just totally outclassed by denise and maybe it was a bad move because she should have realized denise had that kind of thing upper sleeve and also I would say like. That's kind of a Kelly. Kim move with the idol. But that's really risky and travel five whereas if it's like a tribe of nine or something it's a little bit more worrisome. So I think Sandra Getting Itchy to make a big move when in reality if she had really thought about all the things that could go wrong. The risks just wasn't worth the reward now definitely however I've been saying this whole time is that this is a win that war so I'm not mad at the Andhra for trying to make such a huge huge move. I do question. Wipe the nasty of her going so hard. And I I. Is it me or I felt like the fire tokens this season or this episode became like toilet paper and Walmart like you know everybody is just by them left and right right and I. I WANNA commend denise because the niece came out like a smooth criminal okay she she was doing the moonwalk baby. Okay girl that this is definitely going to be your demise denise because I a great that you play an idol for Jeremy to get his butt. Bish ain't no one vote comfort Jeremy Girl so now you stupid because now you now you could have had another idle because now you know that he is going to be on the next episode and obviously we know what the numbers that merges coming and so now that puts a huge target on your back the neath with Adam. He's still there. I I don't know I just you know I don't know I don't know how about the hyenas right. I'm not sure that's a good Poi- downfall to me is definitely a strong word. I guess I'd have thought about the target that I might put on her back. But here's the thing now for one I think. I think it was pretty essential to play the idol on Jeremy. I know technically she wasted it. But if this is your big ass. Move that you're playing to pull on Sandra then you kind of have to cover all your bases in play. I Don Jeremy just to make sure it works case. They split vote on. Jeremy also plays out of jammies. GonNa give his loyalty back to you. Maybe if they go to tribal again in a try before he he's still votes for you. Maybe he comes over. And it's like loyalty you denise gets a target on her back for this big move but I but I also like no one else knows that Sandra gave her this title so to them. It's just like denise had this idle idle Alexandra which isn't as big of a move but it is. We're we're talking about Tony. Tony who laid in spy shack for four information like is now is now going to put a. Did you watch Kagi on like this is now going to put like now? In my opinion I feel like this is going to be enemy number one for Tony and Tony is not going to rest until denise is going for Toady yes I don't know tonio but I mean but but Antonis like thought theory like Denise. I mean Tony Sandra. They're all the same. They're big targets so the more and more these big targets go out the more more. The target goes on to Tony so now that you have somebody like denise that is out here sniping them out and acted like he may car enemy number one. More reason. More reason for Jeremy's I WANNA get out. Because now denise has pulled off this big move she is now a huge player and now she has now become a shield for Jeremy. At any given time they her name comes up and he doesn't have anything against the wall. He'll be more readily to get rid of higher for Jerry license shields though but maybe denise with comfort his shields now these could be a shield but I will say going back to sanders decision making like. I don't mind her taking a risk and stuff like obviously winters war. You've got to play big but do you go to find the balance between playing billion playing smart like obviously as viewers. We love playing big but to me like at Ground Zero of sanders decision making. I don't think she should have wanted to needs to be in over. Tony like she felt that Tony was gonNA portray here. I think Tony realizes he needs other big targets in this game or else he's going to be target number one and that's all we've heard from. Tony. Tony wants these targets in. He knows he needs these targets. Or else he's going to be the only target. Why why keep denise over Tony and give up your safety around. It just doesn't make sense. I also just feel like in a game like this. Where like I'm encouraging Wendell to change his game theory and become a different person for somebody like Sandra girl. Don't Change Your Game Theory. Go where the votes. Don't try to rock the boat association. So that's the part where I am. What do you do with Oh strategy to me? It's like if you get to the merge and you have Jeremy Tony Kim and like other big target like your Wendell like other targets that that's when Sandra strategy of anybody but me is going to thrive in my opinion when you get to the merge eve gotten rid of Tony and you kept. Denise has a target because that but if you get to the merge with these plant according of satisfying went accordingly you have like denise and Michelle and Bannon Atom. They're all going to know your target and that's going to hurt your anybody but me Gameplay 'cause you've won twice you're GONNA be in deep trouble the only way you're gonna the end Sandra I mean now..

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