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Medicare and therapy against Asia Muhammad and Jessica Pergola. She really could be the double. Which Kevin Kennon was annot Kenan was beaten in the in the doubles the quotas. Hey Fakes beginning to get Kenan Colin's. And we'll get it. Get it tomorrow. where. Have some go into beat Kenan? Collins. That we saw earlier today that was the first match the day wasn't it and we were watching. Yeah I mean because mainly because of your reaction to the first seven games, because of the of of the way is behaving and you looked happier than I've seen you in months. I. Loved It I. Absolutely. Yeah I mean like I can't remember all the things I said about it now I feel. Real tennis relived from thirteen hours ago from the site group but I just I was so invigorated by both of them really I mean, they say control as said, last night loved ones to Burn I. Love The contrast with. With Daniel, Collins and I loved it she didn't really. Seem to get roiled by. Dino was doing kind of asks you. Attitude and she actually. She. Kinda money whether it was Japan Renault. I don't know. But she really kind of subdued collins in the second set she went. She went quiet well, but playing absolutely incredible tennis. But let's let's just rewind a little bit because personally I did think she was. Not I don't WanNa say put off but I think she went into a shell because she was six four three love down and this, and this was in the early stages of the match. It was very, very quiet early in the day, nobody would really come in yet and and I just started to notice that Collins was gesturing to somebody in a box and waving a hand as if to say, come on, come on, let me hear you I need more emotional need to hear you and she wasn't getting enough back and I know she got two three people they're nervous thinking Nicholas Mel Magara your coach he is not the type who is going to be shouting and screaming. I don't know what you're expecting anyway I didn't think too much more of it, and then the next thing you just heard the kind of noise that you demonstrated to us castor in with her shouting come on in the loudest. Most aggressive manner you could possibly imagine, and then she won that point and the next point she went let's go and she didn't even more loud and and in a way that if I was her opponent, I would be first of all slightly taken aback think and and I don't know whether I'd be annoyed about or just a bit. Shocked and a bit scared by it. And the what I got from it because this happened several times, she did this about seven times and I thought. On survivor. The force of that personality I think. Subdued her for quite a while and she didn't play her own expressive branded tennis and then halfway through that second set collins did seem to climb down and this was when she was leading seven three eleven jabber just. Started to play the most incredible tennis it was. Highlighted by a full blooded serve out wide from Collins met with a can't cushioned dropshot winner of the return which I think of any of the scene Mansour Bahrami hit net with face. I mean she. Believe what she was saying she was kind of. She kind of had to give credit for it, and you pointed out a few times that she she's actually a really good sport in terms of. Of congratulating parents and I've I've never really seen that before but she was twice i. saw in the I applaud. Shots bounce it. I do love that combat of of the aggression but the. The goods sports, person ship of of just acknowledging an opponent shot. I think I've on safe ground to say that Daniel Collins Divides most people I. Think you know you Kinda lover a hater think we'll down on the same side of that in terms of when she's on the call I mean to me just makes she makes tennis more interesting more entertaining and someone who works a lot of tennis matches. That's that's kind of what I'm after and particularly in an empty stadium where they can be a bit lifeless she she brings energy to them certainly when she was playing her best in that Mac, she didn't first and third sets. And I think. Her screams have even more fact an empty stadium because they echo and reverberate around you kinda get a double scream. I was I was sad to see on stripper go out. Because as you said that that purple pack she hit in the middle of the match was as as exhilarating as any tennis of seen this tournament I, think the the dropshots. Power from the baseline and it was just so impressive and I just think the problem in the third set was that she just couldn't hold serve that is that is Mary Quito's. Rule in tennis, you have to figure out a way to hold serve, and Collins was doing such a good job of jumping on on the returns and putting on the pressure and. In the end her force of personality and and the ability to dominate longer Sir I think through. But yeah, it was a fantastic entertaining match probably one of the best matches starting at seven o'clock in the morning that I can ever remember. I felt a little bit for Nicole micro getting. Getting shouted at. But as you pointed out, Catherine. He he did know what he was signing up for I. do think that's a very interesting part that coaching relationship. She's got to have someone who doesn't mind getting shouted at or being told to bring energy on the court and I think a lot of I. Think a lot of coaches wouldn't like that or woods throughout a bit of a fast maybe in. Micro certainly seems to be doing something right because they've just teamed up together and she's having her best ever results on client who's fresh off the tour little bit like David Fair I always at. A. Place..

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