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Those hospitals along with us you Wexner Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Were selected based on geography population. Access to alter cold storage capacity. Next week. We hope Um Madonna is approved. That we will see vaccines going to many, many hospitals throughout the state of Ohio. Also want to mention that is covert 19 vaccines continued to come into Ohio. We're pleased to announce that Cardinal Health Poppy freight logistics business will work with the Ohio National Guard. And the Ohio Department health to help us provide same day delivery services. Once the vaccine is widely available. This partnership or allows to ship the vaccine to approximately 350 locations across the state. S O. That is very good news as well as you may recall when we talked about the National Guard and when friends went out there, and I went out there to look at them practicing. Um These units many times come in adviser, 975 unit doses, so some of those have to be broken out to go into the smaller into the smaller communities. On. That's what will be happening. The guard will be doing that. I'm also pleased to announce today that the CDC has invited Ohio To participate in early scaled launch of vaccines. And nursing homes. As we reported before, we had been scheduled to start this on the 21st day of the month, and that would be Monday. Monday, December 21st in partnership with pharmacy providers. But as part of this scaled approach Heil will begin vaccination in 10. 5 to 10 nursing homes starting this Friday, so we expect to start nursing homes this Friday in Ohio. Our team is working out the details of word when those vaccinations will happen. Let me say in regards and who are nursing homes. Um You will be called. And this is really this point, a matter of simply scheduled nursing home's air on same priority, But the scheduling is something that the pharmaceutical excuse me that the Pharmaceutical companies. Will be actually doing so. CBS, for example, will be doing this Aziz well as the three other companies that air Handling of the vaccinations in our nursing homes. They were thankful to have with us. Dr. Andy Thomas, the chief medical officer at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. And Dr Mercy. Dixon, one of the first vaccine recipients from Ohio State. She's a third year emergency room resident. Friend. I were able to watch these first vaccines being administered. On Skype from the statehouse, something that frankly will never forget. Dr. Thomas. Thanks for being with us again how things go today. Ever. Thank you so much for having Dr Dixon and I hear today if you're representing highest state. It went incredibly well. Today. The UPS truck is shown in the video arrived nearly on time. We were prepared. And soon after our pharmacy colleagues got the vaccine ready for injection. We had decided when we found out over the weekend that we were getting back seeing today to do a dry run of AH Group of individuals. Some are high risk employees. So those that work in the emergency departments and those that work in our intense some of our intensive care units as you've described We don't have enough vaccine in this first allocation to cover all those populations. But the good news is with journal vaccine coming next week. We're gonna be much closer to covering all of our high risk. Employees, But we had just a terrific day with 30 individuals being vaccinated. It was a dry run Tau the check in process the releases that need to be signed and so forth. To make sure that all of our processors are in place to hit the ground running tomorrow with what we are first full day of vaccination at Ohio State. So, Doctor, I believe you as well as the other hospitals or getting 975 doses this week. You got those today grand? I had the chance to see those pull up to the Loading dock. That was pretty pretty exciting, eh? So you will be Starting back in on this number again tomorrow. Is that right? Correct. We have three different vaccine locations, one on our East campus, one on our main campus and then one just north of the Columbus campus, said our Ackerman road administrative facilities, so we'll be moving from location to location throughout the week. Andre. We moving through hundreds more employees over the course of the next few days, So we look forward once again to that allocation for next week and look forward later this week, too, inviting. Really thousands of more of those higher risk employees to sign up to be vaccinated over the next couple of weeks. Next week will will be exciting because we'll be expanding beyond the 10 hospitals to more hospitals throughout the state of Ohio, and they will be prioritizing those who are most at risk in the health care community. So that's that's exciting. Um Contradiction. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much Governor for having me here. I'm very excited to be here. So you got you got a shot today, huh? I did. I got a shot today. Yeah. How'd it go? We went fantastic. Uh, painless. Um, unlike usual. Tell it. Tell us what you tell us what you do. What do you do every day? Sure. So I am an emergency medicine resident physician in my final year. S O daily in emergency room. We tend to care for the most often the most vulnerable in our population. Some of the sickest people come to us and daily. I get you take care of multiple Corbett patients as well asses other my colleagues, including residents, other staff and providers. Well, that's great. Well, you represent a lot of people who are doing a lot of lot of great work across the state of Ohio and we can't wait till we get all them vaccinated. So thank you very, very much for We're being part of that today on thank you for what you do Each and every day to take care of our patients are some of our sickest people, many of whom are covert covert patients. Appreciate it very much. Thank you. I'm grateful to be able to do that. Let's go to Cincinnati University since Annika meant medical center We're joined again today by Dr Lofgren. President You see Health in Cincinnati, A Zwelling Caitlin Kaufman, one of the first vaccine recipients of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. But Caitlin Isa respiratory therapist providing critical care to covert 19 patients,.

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