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Shoko was eager to fight back he sent his disciples to hear uquillas workplace to harass him cult members forced him to quit his job to avoid bringing further trouble to his company by naturally destitute hero yuki was now forced to sell his land to support himself and to cover the costs of fighting own shinri kyo with your yukio the defensive ocean recuse pushed forward with their plans for global destruction leading the development of biochemical weapons was see each year endo veterinarian and grad student of raji shoko believed that is backround made him the best person for the job that appointed him as the cult's minister of health and welfare in 1990 seiichi traveled to the northern island of hokkaido near the takashi kaci river to harvest clostridium botulinum of bacteria with the toxins so powerful it can paralyse the muscles in the lungs to create instant suffocation seiichi grew large batches of this bacteria and built a delivery device to spread the deadly bacteria throw tokyo he outfitted several trucks with nozzles designed to spray the bacteria as a weapon eyes mist throughout the city with the death of two to me sakamoto and with hiroyuki struggling to make ends meet the delusional shoko thought that this would be his opportunity to start the apocalypse but as it turned out show goes delusions of grandeur didn't given the foresight to realize that a veterinary and may not have been the best person to lead a biochemical weapons attack sieges insufficient knowledge of biology made this mission that failure let's say cheese failure to create a deadly strain of toxin only made it more determined to find a way to kill large quantities of people his ambitious nature was terrifying seiichi would not rest until he had produced a poison that would wipe out all of mankind in the same year two omission rico members were arrested in australia's trying to carry dangerous chemicals on a plane the two pled guilty but even this was not enough to prove that the oil morgan.

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