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In two thousand nineteen more than a decade after Carlos's death ten secretary and clear green still holds thanks to series of multi day workshops available to anyone willing to pay the registration fee which can cost thousands of dollars depending on the duration and topic the class from the outset of his spiritual training in the Mexican desert right up until he died Carlos Causton. Yada maintained that objective objective truth doesn't exist every individual just has their own unique perception of reality. He maintained this belief as the people around him accused him of lying about his history and his revelations today ten secretaries leaders and practitioners have two different sets of facts just to reconcile. There's the one based on the evidence which suggests that a chronic liar manipulated people to feed his egoistic need for control the the other narrative promoted by ten segments adherence says that the evidence simply doesn't matter the only important thing is a subjective vivid experience of power and self discovery that each student experiences so is ten segue real all the evidence clearly suggests that Carla's students had been trapped by the deadly vision of a liar but those same followers followers would respond that in reality there experience all comes down to perception..

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