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Thinking. About tweeting Jody. MAC the Twitter handle lease at, Judy McMahon here's a tip don't be boring I got a ton of tweets but it's just people re, tweet and what I tweeted earlier in the. Day and our liking Mike tweets that's not going. To get the job done you actually have to share a thought. A point you gotta actually, give me something. Searching your tweets for the MAC daddy tweet of the day, here's tutti mask good still sneak in under the wire and be. The, MAC daddy tweet at a day if he's it out quickly at Jodi McMahon. J. o. ODU IM ACM a. n.. I can tell. You one right now that's not going to be the MAC daddy tweeted today my buddy, Dan from danville who just, buzzed on the phone within the last half hour I tweeted. Me and said the goat says Barry Bonds deserves to have his jersey retired The like, I just saw this when I looked up some baseball scores Buried binds, being honored. AT and t. tonight they put up a, picture on Twitter Charles moynahan ESPN guy sent this out San Mateo native Tom Brady, congratulates Barry Bonds on his jersey retirement and his lustily booed Just because you're a homeboy you're a patriot my friend that man, where you grow up we. Got Jimmy g. he got out of your clutches. Up there in New, England he's our guy they booed, Tom Brady wedding made a. Video announcement on the big. Board out there in, tonight's, second up Barry, Bonds so the. The. Least the giant fans know nowhere their? Bread is buttered and. They're all, about San Francisco Tom Brady booed in SF that's that's actually rather. Humorous but when Dan tweeden hey Tom Brady says Barry Bonds do okay why do you hate him so much I don't hate him he's, cheater he's one. Of the most talented players to ever play the game I think the hall of fame voters are doing the right. Thing by nonvoting a man because he's a blatant teeter that mean wasn't great just, means jeeter. So therefore I don't think of him as, a hall of Famer and I'm glad he hasn't gotten into this point One other baseball, no reason I. Saw this was good I checked the baseball scoreboard Boston Red Sox playing a doubleheader today day-nighter against the Orioles one Daytime game they price pitched six shutout innings struck a ten. In six he's picking pretty damn well and, that lifted the Red Sox to a. Major league Beth record this year, of what are the, Red, Sox, now eighty three in thirty five going. Into tonight's game eighty three and thirty five. If they win the second game which they lead three two two and a vitamin d six in Baltimore they go to eighty four and sixty five the best regular. Season in the history of major league. Baseball is the Seattle Mariners. Back in two thousand and one when, one sixteen and forty. Six The Red, Sox, would, need to go thirty three and eleven. To equal that Mark that seven fifty baseball. That's an ungodly number it's hard to play seven fifty baseball the reds after playing over seven hundred baseball right now then winning percentage is seven three So all they got to do is pick it up a little bit over what they done all year and they could end up with the tide with or maybe even surpass the best record ever posted. In a major league baseball, season by the Mariners and the reason I bring this up is because. I did a bunch of shows in New York. This week and Yankee fans don't like the fact that I've already handed the division to the Red Sox I balance that with. The I still think the Yankees are a lock to be a playoff team I think, they're going to be in a postseason they're going. To get a wild card even though they got. Swept four straight by the Red Sox went swept, the White Sox now they've come home split some. Games with the Rangers so. Far since they returned home doesn't. Matter not Seattle and Oakland both catching them I doubt either one of them will catch him I think the Yankees will host that wildcard game but I think they're going to. Be in wildcard they're. Not winning the division they're not catching. The Red Sox they're nine back now and it could, be nine and a half, by By the. End of the night but the Red Sox are just scary good right now they got the best record in the history of..

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