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Jennifer Glidden, Lynn Park, Lynn discussed on WBZ Midday News


Tobacco into iota Braintree on union street off route three look for the high flying American flag to thirty-five on WBZ. Investigators have identified the burn body of a man found it'll Lynn park. They're trying to determine if his death is connected to another similar death back in August police identified the body discovered in fry park is that of twenty nine year old Tito Lopez e banks of Lynn person walking dog discovered the body Thursday afternoon. The district attorney says e banks death is suspicious. His body found about four months after a teens body turned up in a different park in Lynn seventeen year old Hurson Rivas body found August second near the Henry avenue playground. Six members of the street gang MS, thirteen charged in Rivas is getting investigators say at this point. It's. Not clear, whether the two deaths are related the sixth grade teacher in Manchester, New Hampshire arrested police say she exchanged inappropriate emails with a student. Jennifer Glidden of Exeter, arrested yesterday, the teacher at the Parkside middle school accused of exchanging more than one hundred emails sexual in nature with a student under the age of sixteen over the course of the past month. Police say they do not believe Glidden had any physical contact with the student, but they added her emails to the student who are about inappropriate activity in a statement school superintendent saying the school officials immediately contacted police and placed Glidden on administrative leave when they heard about the emails Glidden is free on bail into scheduled to appear in court December twentieth to thirty thirty-six here on WBZ up next. It's a weekend edition of Bloomberg business at the Waltham family. Business of Everett and sons insurance three generations of family focused.

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Jennifer Glidden, Lynn Park, Lynn discussed on WBZ Midday News

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