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So I was talking my brother last night about all this. And something dawned on me. You remember several weeks or a couple of months whenever it started where we have a you couldn't find change. You're in your I'm talking about, you know, like loose change. We don't have any change. I'm going, how in the world can we have a change shortage? It's moving from one retail place of the others. Move in the retail place to your pocket. You're going to another retail place will fill of retail. Shut down. Yeah, but it's not shut down anymore. And so what? To me in my mind. What happened was when stores shut down. They had all the change in their in their cash registers, and I had all the change in my pocket. And then when it opens back up, I just go back and we commence trading again. You know, I'm saying Jimmy didn't make any sense that there's a change shortage. Until my brother said this last night. He says, you know. They say. We're moving to a cashless society said I I don't ever use a credit card. I use all Casey. He's we. We used to refer to Miss Fred Flintstone. He's just now gotten a smartphone alot. When I told him I said they already got a covert tracker on your smartphone, they said one And so I showed him how to find in the Oh my God. He has. He's waited until this year to get a smartphone. And then all this happens. He was a flip phone guy. They can't track a flip phone, and now they got the covert tracker on his phone, and it really hacked them all but We were going through all this stuff and he says, you know, I'm a cash guy. He says, But you know Now they can't make change and it dawned on me. That's part of I don't want to be a conspiracy freak. But if you're going to move people away from cash instead of just banning the paper stuff, Make it hard to get changed, and they'll stop using the cash. In other words, you say, Well, here's my $5 for that. For that $4 in 26 cents. Purchase and they're going well, We're gonna just have to keep the $5. Because we can't give you change to go get screwed. 75 cents every time we do a transaction, or 76 cents, 70 fortunes. I'm not going to do it. I'll move to my credit card. Well, now you've got people pushed to a cashless society. There is no way legitimately that there is a coin shortage. There's no way Too many coins in circulation just can't it can't happen, So something's going on. Do do do do do Quick time out. We'll be back right after this. Who says there's nothing to laugh.

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