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News time is 3 31 on the Chip Franklin show I'm Kim McAllister. This report sponsored by tribal we've studio in Burlingame Travel We've studio on Broadway in Burlingame is closing, save up to 60% of high end quality tribal new, modern and antique rugs open seven days a week. Call 650235 97 77 tribal. We've studio in Burlingame. A new study from Stamford shows capacity. Restrictions of popular indoor businesses could have a big impact on slowing the spread of covert 19 and but also affect the economic and racial disparities of the pandemic. The research done by Stamford and the channel, Zuckerberg, Bio hub Shows so called super spreader locations, restaurants, grocery stores, and Jim's accounted for 85% of infections, even though they accounted for just 10% of all points of interest, Researchers say. Full service restaurants helped create an environment for three times as many infections as any other business and even limited service restaurants were among the worst spreaders of covert 19. That study, if you want to read more about it is published in the publication Nature. Not everyone, though, convinced that limited restaurant service is the right way to go in San Francisco will do so again starting Friday. Dan Gordon, co founder of Gordon Beer, spoke this afternoon on KGO with Raj Mathai. You says California will be losing many of its restaurants. It's a 30 to $40,000 head Every time you have to replenish inventory, get rid of it Put up plexiglass. These investments are very expensive Touchless card handling all that technology that people are taking for granted right now. He is advocating for a different, more stringent approach to testing restaurant staff for the Corona virus, and says a rearranging of cease inside restaurants similar to what has been done in Europe would be sufficient to keep restaurants open while keeping the spread of covert 19 down. The husband of Vice President elect Kamala Harris. Doug Imhoff plans to leave his private law practice here in California by Inauguration Day to focus on White House duties. M. Hoffs decision to leave D L. A. Piper also avoids any appearance of conflicts of interest as that firm does have a lobbying presence in Washington, D. C. His decision to leave his high profile job. Tracks with choices that female political spouses have made for years. This report sponsored by Amtrak,.

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