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If you got a question for us. Hello, who's this area high area? Of course, if I have this eggs Ray. And he wants to really be with me like we really wanna I really wanna be with him. He wants to be with me. But the only thing is I feel like if I stay with this. I be with him. I'm gonna always. Because he has a small pecker. Okay. That's actually, very valid reason. And I'm sure he's aware of it. I think he is. But I like I really want to be with them. Like, he loves my kids. He loves me. And I just. All right. Does he make you orgasm? You've had an orgasm before from him. Yes. Okay. Well, here's the thing. I'm gonna tell you a couple of things at failure pain. You don't feel any pain. But I will say they usually guys with mop penises are greater other things is he good at oral sex is he passionate and other ways is is no point in you being with somebody. If you're just gonna cheat on them. I'll say that much, but here's guys huge penises that don't know what they're doing. So you should be glad that you have somebody who has a small penis, and is able to stay McNabb an orgasm employees you in that way and take great care your kids. Take great care you. We'll tell you what you want hear boy. Have you ever been with a guy with a huge pianist that isn't good? Orgasm. Okay. I like tennis simulation, tracing patriation. I like simulate penetration on me like. I mean. Tom thumb. Would each other. Can you guys use toys? I don't think he's into that. Now, I mean on you like, you got to China and experiment with other things. Ted. I guess some vibrators involved and get him to do that to you bombers virus chaplain. Oh, wow. No. No, no. I'm not going to do that. Saying. Toys. Me like, I'm like. Okay. No that I have a little piggy. Gotta buy me a big one right way. Very important part of your relationship. And so I feel you with that. But I also feel like if he can have that passionate intimate connection with you still make you orgasm. You should be okay with that. And if you're gonna cheat just don't be with him find what you want. But remember, the penises and always bigger on the other side what? You might go with a big penis and everything else might be wrong. And then you're gonna regret it. And then you want to get back with him. So unfair to be a man we can't go out and get plastic surgery to make our penises big. You can't that. Penile enlargement all I've looked into it. Okay. And then do it links. All right. You girl that can get Ashot and fig breath in. Hey, and we can't get extensions from my penis. God bless you with a little pecker. You. You. Paper cuts her to especially when they went away. The somebody in this room has a small penis. Clearly. All right. Well, good luck to you. But listen don't be with somebody. If you're gonna cheat on them. That's all I have to say that's not make him feel God testing you. And you know, what man when you're not thinking? Life. You don't get blessed with more. And we mean little thank you. Right now. All right as he eight hundred five eight five one zero five one have you got a question for you. Call right now to breakfast local morning..

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