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Haunted Places


After the great fire of eighteen. Seventy one. The near West side of Chicago became a ghost town once the home to opulent mansions of the city's nouveau riche. The severely damaged neighborhood became a haven for both sex workers and newly arrived. European immigrants Italian German Jewish Greek Polish and Czech these neighborhoods had few legal protections than even less social support. The crushing capitalist machine of the Industrial Revolution frequently left a Dennison's of near west side broke sick and suffering. This is the environment that Illinois heiress. Jane addams decided to spend her life in Adams was a dedicated supporter of the settlement movement. A group of affluent social reformers who rented property and low income areas in order to provide refuge for their impoverished neighbors from political advocacy to trade classes to free meals and daycare settlement homes existed to fill the gaps left behind by the growing income disparity in the United States when atoms and her friend. Ellen Gate Star went looking for a suitable property of near West side in one thousand nine hundred nine. They discovered whole house a palatial mansion. On halsted street. The home was named for its original owner Charles Hall who had entrusted it to his cousin. A social reformer named Helen Culver after his death culver was thrilled to contribute directly to the settlement cause but when Adamson Star began to set up operations they noticed sense of amongst their neighbors would adams asked what was wrong. They struggle to explain in terms. The wealthy heiresses would understand. There was in the attic. They said something that wasn't Human Liana. And Arkady where relieved to finally find a place they could afford. The House had once belonged to a wealthy family. And while it had lost the trappings of wealth. The foundation was solid. It seemed as good a place as any to live as they fought against. Yuliana sickness consumption had taken a hold of her every hour. She felt closer and closer to the doors of the Almighty but she was strong. If anyone had a fighting chance against the great white plague it was her. They moved their paltry belongings in quickly and ULLIANNA spent two straight days setting up house. Arkady tried to encourage her to rest but she was resolute. She wanted to prove that she had some life left in her bones. She slept soundly at the end of the.

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