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There's no reason that in this collab- with Grimes, I know so much about quote, unquote it lawn musk, duck. Duck dot Grimes really isn't idiot. This is just Dr. The? No, that's just I mean, while while which she really like win after. I mean, that's sim lake. This is how you know is Elise is good at beef. You know what I mean? Because this is like remember when. Win. Reema did the did the distract against a NICKY Manashe and just completely destroyed human last year. Yeah, shelter and and it using the famous NASDAQ editor as as the baseline. This is like that. But like with Ilan and grind with us, reminded v of, I just watched the John Laney's, one of John Laney's, comedy specials, and he mentions teenagers having the ability to look at you and point out the thing that you yourself or secretly insecure about, and I feel like she did that. She dug her and was like, yes, she's like hair plugs hearing. You know, like like inbred steiger's, Pabst blue ribbon, whatever she about Grimes, which, oh my God, like glorious. I feel like this is your backdrop, right? Bad drama is ill thinking for problem in like getting regulators involved, potentially defrauding investors letter. That's bad. That's, but like a smack with of rapper over your hair plugs. This categorize is good job net key reply. I know Ryan did apply right. No, I don't think so. I don't think she, I don't think Grimes said anything so to lawn, spoke to his motive over direct passage as does I said this before, but but Alon must follows only a few Twitter accounts and one of them for whatever reason is Gizmodo. And so he loves those. Well, but see, we're never nice to him like, I don't understand, like I would have as years ago because he'll careful criticisms actions will cause like we will just straight like this. What I really miss about working there is that if I have like a question strip start, deeming Alana be like, dude, what's happening. And then he was remarkably candid. So so Sydney did demon like dude with happening governor about this girl. But people have multiple people have confirmed that that that as alien banks wasn't heeded his house. Now that doesn't mean that he was there, but, but it's apparently been confirmed that she was actually at his house. And then Zali banks had a direct message conversation on Instagram store on Instagram with visits insider where she wake gave more gossip. So I don't know guys like this whole thing is crazy. Here's the tech angle on this. The claim from Israeli banks is that. Lawn musk was on the phone trying to get investors for taking tesla privates, and that he was having a rough time of it. Yeah. Yasser content for the today. Okay. Well, I mean, honestly, the tech angle is that they were that that this happened, Instagram. I, I mean, it ended. It was a lawn mosque. I don't even think we need to go for the reach of like that involve insider potential scandals, it's all tech. It is all this kit. It's pure rocket in its say, juris four. I was gonna say, this is I've never heard more perfect rocket story ever and ever like when we saw this, I was like dying. I was like, oh my God, like this is the best thing ever. I mean, obviously it's a, I mean, it's just like you said, Simone. This is like people in another class like another level that like we will never exist. And so it's just. Just was going to be first lady denied state and. And I'm getting all of them to my house and track them there. Yes, but yes, exactly. As alii banks has has said many crazy things in her day, and it's gotten into many arguments with many people. This is far and away like this is this is like maybe her greatest hit like, I don't. I don't. I don't know how it goes to one two. And then this. Yeah, so oppose don't usually go after. I just don't buy policy to break that policy. So like I heard about Grimes, Mike again, whatever Selam Justin Bieber. I I'm no, I didn't. They are by certain reading about this and she does EDM..

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