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What is your experience i mean i liked it when i saw it i found it amusing but it's one of those movies that after i watched it i never felt the urge to ever watch it again the only real funny part i really remember is the bill mary scene which is all anyone really seems to talk about and that movie beyond that it just feels dedi i mean it feels like zombies genre as a whole has been done to death note no pun intended and to just bring it back now it seems like that ship has sailed it seems like it's too late then how about you i mean that's like almost word for word exactly what i would have said especially in in terms of like not even thinking about the movie at all since i saw it like that's the perfect explanation it's like i'm sure it's even been on tv you know since then i've just sort of change a channel because i care about that little so this is not a movie i hold near dear to my heart and the sequel is just like you're telling me emma stone and jesse eisenberg woody harrelson are gonna come back and star insomnia to in twenty nineteen but just seems totally nuts to me well to say hasn't berg has fallen on hard time after batman versus superman and oh i don't know the sequel is because like what what is the peel of a sequel that is assam be comedy film like are peop do people like these characters i don't really seem to remember much about any of the characters in that movie the only thing that seemed like fun for me that i can remember my mind is like the end of the film takes place in an amusement park and they're using the amusement park rides to kind of like kill off zombies now it's kind of like a fun conceit but you know i assume that the sequel would have to take place outside of an the museum park you'd have to you know adventure on further like what what could possibly be in this movie to to to make a sequel worth it do you guys have any ideas.

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