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Win and then write down things just things that obviously may already i it. It really should be called thirty two years of listening but it's not a catchy title. Twenty twenty two. But you're listening but it was. It was a just as accumulated of things people said and the beauty of it. These these people were Scholars or or sages or prophets beds. A shoe salesman a rotor. Roader salesman of banker obama A ex-con a housewife hairdresser. There was just an ex priest. Everybody's just this stuff and everybody had gone through the fire. They pass through the fire. Come out the other side More complete than than gone they they. It emerged with this kind of marvelous hard earned wisdom and and so i just i got it. Just write this stuff down about this book not stop. Because they didn't write a. I was smart enough to listen. Write it down. And then and the idea of peppering the texts with with the images of people which i have to hasten to say or all altered so no was at you and that you know none of that can go on so to give it a the feeling of of being in a meeting of being around other human beings because it is that that's who we are just huddling together in the dark or whatever you want to dramatic well no. It's kind of book. That i read it from cover to cover beginning to end but this is a book that i could just have around the house and just pick up anywhere and i can. I can imagine a lot of readers would be doing that is divided up into sections. Where you've got different topics covered that you might find a at a meeting anyway. So someone if they if they're looking for inspiration they can go to the section on inspiration or acceptance or whatever But i can just see someone. Just you know having a little bit of a peaceful afternoon and just thumbing through the book and just enjoying the feeling and the experience of the of hearing though hearing what they would here at their home group or something similar. Yeah thank you for that. That's a great great insight great compliment. I always thought that people should have at least three copies. What one to carry around with you so people would know that you were in the elite of that mentally ill a second one to keep in the bathroom. Hundred scare the crap drinking and the third one to put under your pillow have a drunk dream. That's those are the three a strict place. But it's true you.

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