Senator Chuck Schumer, Baltimore, Boynton Beach Florida discussed on Austin's Morning News


Fox news in Gilroy California the morning after a mass shooting semi automatic going off really close and many others ran for cover and then there was a point of silence and then there was another reload to seem like a real loud and we heard thirty more rounds gunmen murdered three people at least fifteen others were injured thousands of people were enjoying the final day of the annual Gilroy garlic festival when witnesses say a man with a rifle opened fire stopped to reload and then fired again some say they heard as many as fifty shots fired witnesses say the shooter described as a white man in his twenties or thirties appeared calm as he fired at random boxes quality account in Gilroy she's as police were already at the festival and shot and killed the man in the search for a possible accomplice continues in Boynton beach Florida police shot and killed a man on his way into a grocery store after he pulled out a gun as they approached he match the description of an armed robber a short time earlier to dollar tree store the director of national intelligence is stepping down effective next month and I director Dan coats and president trump have often sparred over different issues coated actually publicly contradicted president trump several times on intelligence matters in public that has made the president angry boxes David spun the president tweeted eliminate John Radcliffe to take over the Republican congressman who is very critical of Robert Muller questioning the former special counsel last week's hearings now democratic senator Chuck Schumer calls reckless blindly loyal to the president confirming it will be a big mistake the president trump spent the weekend criticizing democratic senator from congressman Elijah Cummings as racist and is Baltimore District a disgusting rat infested mass calling Cummings oversight of him while investigating the president I also radical joke I was the issue the chairman Jerry never applied on ABC this week well the president is as he usually is or often is discussing and racist this is fox news.

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