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You know. They haven't arrived. Just watch out. I'm telling you these are the signs signs of pretend fear. He's very good so you're going to. You'll be there for the real real fight. It could be fight of the night for me. I've said the same thank you. I think I think on paper it is because I think I think has to do that. Klay houses I think he has to be aggressee. Has Try and push Cuba back. But if he goes in like all guns blazing you walk on the semi out susceptibility mechanical that but also also keep it as well now he makes fetish when he feels that he brought to the fore with squares himself up I think if luther coming forward with and catches so that's what's intriguing. You can see so much. Even even both pretty good fighters they both make too many mistakes and that might make it a good fight them. The mistakes will force maybe a bit of a wall with the bikes in the top. Fifteen with with. WBAI which is which is a serious achievement and global title so luther and what what what is global mean. It's a new title. I tell you what I know of stemmed from offending. Okay okay. I know what I'm saying. Is I mean look. It was a different suggestion But then someone go unhappy and they renamed the Global. I know the story about that originated from Australia. The title because the guy is the supervisor and the Director of Global Committee is Australia. His name is Danni Leigh and he. I mean it's all about European Johnson. I'm trying to say because European European books in union offended when anything around European. IBM BEING W WBO European. They never happy. There's an East West. I think the same reason not effectively. Be You yeah. So it's a very political so European books in Union is they as far as they consume. This is the only European championship the should be out there and suddenly Wbo Europe suddenly idea Europe so now he's a computation. Asian and behind the saints of movement by global is politically correct name. That doesn't offend anyone. I said so if you need to fight global because goes is a brilliant idea where freaky with wars. WBZ European champion. He's number thirteen of the WB. The moment Luther is number fourteen the winner. We'll progress to top ten years and they're off you e- FY names. If they correctly matched equal be right there in mandatory turnage very soon this. This is what you get from Siesta. This is what you get. You gotta work. It was the scam with the best. I said absolutely. He's with someone recently though because he's has gone shoulder. Chilly zero follicly-challenged. I thought that looks like a sexy move different Brazil. She she probably did the same thing myself wondering by the way yeah so. I'm wondering why Luther Klay was where he's disappeared. They'd say well he can exclusively reveal worries disappear too because I I caught up with a little bit earlier on the last time we saw you terrific display in Italy against Dario Murilo Kylo. I think key people a lot at night. Yeah I mean foments Every finance to give you know it was a good display good performance and now I'm ready to come into again. This is exactly the kind of platform that you want to be on. That's why you took that gamble really go to Yeah of course you US COUPLA Will fight to begin experienced This way contest yourself against good opponents of a prospects you know what I mean so you like say take a risk to get reward. So I'll see has been telling me about your For a while and so's looking forward to seeing you.

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