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Prove that you're nice that's like that's like a scene in a movie that your kids aren't this mean and the fact that the that he was dating your friend and then he was like we're not even broken up. That's like a a tag that the tag on a prank. That was already mean enough. Yup thank you for understanding. It feels so good to get that off my chest. I would do a lot of there were just so many megan's i'm sure they're jokes. About how many friends. Katie i had and i would get and there were even in college. There was a meghan in my sorority. So hot like the hottest sorority was meghan and it would be tough because people would constantly being like. Oh my goodness so hot and it was not about me it's also like when you're on the bachelorette and you look around and you see hot meghan and you're like i guess i'm meghan us know you're going to have to have your last initial because gets to keep meghan exactly and it was. You know i mean. I love talking about how hard it was in my sorority. It was definitely ising to be the fat meghan in the sorority. I get it. I get it. I told her brothers and they're very very very smart funny. They were like the coolest boys that went to my high school. It was very hard following in their footsteps. I can really one but okay. Yeah it's i mean whenever i meet people and then they're like oh you of older brothers. I'm like yeah that makes sense mini. It does eight. that's an insult. Thank you know it's not it's a compliment. I think it's i think sometimes it's both you know. Yeah i mean everything is if you think about it. That's true. And so when i started doing standup it was kind of like the first time that i was doing something different than them. And and like a few years into it. I was like they had come to a show. I was drunk. I was obviously like feeling myself. I'm like i'm just so sorry. That like i do stand up so you guys like can't now and they were like we would never want to do you do. This is an embarrassment. That i mean one's a lawyer oh god And is running illinois as like vaccine program doing well or he's in the national guard to. He's like a home. I know and we're not derek and family. Were not even that nice to him. He he ran for state senate one twenty nine and i forget it all the time. Short of he's not people are like. Why isn't he on any social media. I'm like oh. He ran for public office. I forgot oh my god. I know we're mean to him. We're to him because it makes he makes us like feel bad. You know like yes. We'll definitely a a joke about this. Where like on memorial on my parents. My grandparents were in the armed services. May like grandma and grandpa met during world war two. You know like like that. And i say because then he left her for a nineteen year old to it. Didn't didn't pearl harbor workout antic as we like to make i mean it's it's real very real. I'm we're always like on veterans day like we thank them and then we're like oh and ryan thank you to you should go to outback. Or whatever and get a free blooming onion and then he will send us articles about his friends. That have perished really ruining our but what do you want me to say. My friend didn't gig. They tried to get last week and that was sad for all of us. I've i've lost some some soldiers along the wages a casual drug use. It's never defending the freedom And then my other brother he's a realtor. Alright well the league in all of them. What does your brother. He's he's in It's i always call it. Marketing bump resorts ad sales. He's in digital ad sales. Okay which he's very very good at but my brother is like my brother growing up was the golden child. He was so good at everything. He was good enough at hockey that he went to private school like he. I went to public school. I go my god. You went to a difference hoping he went to like an all boys. Private school and i went to premium high. Because i was like. I don't know. I wanna have like high school movie experience. We why did. I want that sucked you got. You got bullied in the cafeteria. Oh god that was middle school but middle. School was the worst hands including middle school. Worst time of six seventh and eighth grade. I can pinpoint and just seventh grade like there isn't an amount of money that someone could pay me to go back if i told anyone that i was friends with from seven grade happy and i mean i think we all i told my brother this recently. My brother's like. I thought you were popular all your life. What are you talking about the any attention my house. You see egged in high school every weekend it was. We're thinking of you exactly. And they fed sometimes because they throw the eggs and they wouldn't Crack because they were southern so that free. They're dropping off pantry. Item it was like jordache swap food delivery. Why were they egging your house. I think it originally started because my house was like on a corner of a street right across from the middle school so it was like give direction to find where my house was and I had mohammed was a bartender and a dad who worked late and when or when he would go on business trips to like he's going to huntsville alabama We i would have parties and at my house and so I would tell kids. I didn't know they couldn't come. Because i'm like i don't know you and you can't come into my house. And then they started egging my house and then it just became like once enough people do it and it happens enough times. It's like oh we will go. Ed katie's house would make scrub it off the house every time. Wake me up and be like your friends. Egg the house again. I'm like how. Can i tell you these friends. They're not my friends not only. They're not my friends when clean it. They drive by and get exactly what they were looking for. Wars of this is really torture. My brothers were like bad. They were you know they were like cool. Bad they were sneaking out all the time and so they kept getting blamed for things once they were like a woman came in was like your sons drove through my yard and my dad was my sons are twenty seven th. They didn't do that. They live in chicago and she was like okay. Well they they taught someone to do it then because they've left their mark. That was me. I was troublemaker. My brother was a good kid but he was. He was just very good at like not getting in trouble. I just had to argue all the time my parents were always like. You need to get the last word. And i'm like yeah because you you're wrong and i'm right. There's an injustice. I was so good. My brother called the cops on my parents once. Yeah i would have been. I wouldn't have seen the light of day. He so he called the cops once and then like never mind and then he called again was never mind and they were like well. Dog you call twice. We have to send your car now and my parents just to hide in the basement they were like. We don't even wanna get you involved. Which is plus one nice. Because god forbid they check the basement and then they have to explain whether some kid down there might the reason. My brother called the police because he said my parents were holding them hostage to my house. He wouldn't was he. He was like sixteen. Is this oldest brother. No this isn't even my oldest my oldest brother. He was gone by that point and then it was like i think at that point my parents. I think were like okay. We we can handle this. Megan will be good and watch jeopardy with us. Michael whom i got..

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