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Abc's rob marciano was in san juan that the latest yesterday we managed to drive down to the southern part were landfall hit and i've never seen anything like it as far as the amount of trees that were destroyed millions of them splintered obliterated looked like a a nuclear bomb went off there and amongst that there are towns that that are just trying to survive after this storm thing the puerto rican can the is such a big part of new york governor andrew cuomo took off today headed for the island and he says they're not coming emptyhanded thirty six thousand bottles of water ten thousand meals that are ready to we three thousand canned goods fourteen hundred coutts in mexico city they are still scrambling to find survivors trapped in the rubble after tuesday's seven point one magnitude earthquake abc's net government is in mexico city hung is running out and as we learned overnight the death toll here has risen to over two hundred seventy and complicating the efforts of rescuers is that some of the buildings that were shaken but still standing are now unstable making a dangerous for the rescuers in mexico officials are now saying that the little girl believed trapped in the rubble under her school building never existed several bodies were removed from the debris pile of what's left of that school they think the rescuers might have mistakenly thought they saw fingers move more back and forth insults between president trump and north korean president kim jonghoon starting with this week's un speech when the president promised to totally destroy north korea kim jonghoon says president trump will pay dearly for those words that wing whatever trump might have expected he will face results beyond his expectation calling him mentally deranged a gangster unfit for office abc senior white house correspondent cecilia vega markets dow down.

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