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It's six thirty eight stealing a little bit of a slowdown in mesquite because of an accident at the beginning of the ramp from westbound thirty to, northbound six thirty five, right, lane is, blocked by an accident looking at a slowdown background northwest drive but it looks like one of. The emerge getting ready to pull out, of that, right, lane most of. That to the right shoulder. North Dallas Dallas no totally university utility lines. Are down there the right lane is blocked in each. Direction good news is not seeing any types in that area let's head over to Randy fuller with a check. On that drive. Heading north out of Duncanville Duncanville to. Dallas northbound sixty seven it's clear until you get passed twenty then there's some Jan road conditions from pulp the thirty five thirty five northbound at continental avenue scene of a disabled vehicle that's in the right lane traffic over on the left is slowly getting by and oak cliff northbound thirty five fifteen minutes from Ann Arbor to Colorado boulevard Jillian Rogers is another check on an earlier accident in Fort Worth thirty five north and it's not a major accident but it's enough to cause a slowdown so that's at north, Tarrant Parkway and it's, going, to be, on the right shoulder we're pretty bogged down beginning around western center but it does stay pretty. Slow past that to about golden triangle, that makes, for, about a fifteen. Minute drive from eight twenty. Two alliance also things have slowed down considerably. On twenty one as you split off of one eighty. Three in the mid city so up to about Murphy you're going to get a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic beyond. Harwood were moving. At or above the posted speeds heading. Up to three sixty now if you're out there on the roads and UCLA problem give us a call on the dark traffic tip hotline to one four two one nine ten eighty I'm Joyce Nielsen your next report at six forty eight and breaking traffic alerts.

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