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Welcome back to the rich Eisen show one week from tonight. We will find out where this man will be playing his professional football at the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. He is from the university of Michigan born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey just up the road from where I grew up in Staten Island, New York, he is none other than Rashawn, Gary. Good to see you, sir. It ac-. So where do you think you're going? Do you have an idea? Do you have any sense right now? Oh wish. Oh is. But a he knows it's been going through the process, enjoying it. And on we know teams, I'm filling them they're feeling me. So I'm gonna see what caused my phone Thursday next Thursday. And are you going to be in Nashville or are you going to be somewhere? Being in having a little get together then over whereas role. We're going whoever will okay a bowling alley. So bowling alley. Would you choose a bowling alley? Just because he's going to be it's going to be, you know, cheating in my life. And I'm, you know, this have everybody around me that made me the man I am today on Phil off the field and just get everybody gathering. So get that phone call. We go bowling. You're gonna go wrong. You're gonna roll some a little bit. All right. What's your game? What what gave you rusty unrest? You. But you know, every time I get it. I tried to go for the strike. Have you have you rolled a three hundred never never never never. I'm new to this. I'm china. You know? Hobbies is how you. Just seeing a bowling ball in your hand. Mo might look like a marble. I am going to see it. Just see what that's like. Okay. Who in any of your teammates going to be there? Other people going to be there who was going on. Right now. But you know, what family's going to be in the building. So we're gonna come in by thirty deepen has some good time. Go roll roll thirty deep enroll okay role ten frames who have you visited with? Yeah. My benca. The jets Jaguars Bengals giants lions Seahawks Oakland and met with a couple of teams. So okay. So you visited literally physically visited those places you've been all over the country. What look obviously, you wanna go wherever you wanna go. You wanna go as high as you want to go. What would it mean for you to be drafted by the jets and the giants being from Plainfield New Jersey? Rashawn. Yeah. You know, this being drafted periods of honor. But you know, what the judge in giants is, you know, me being from jersey is a little prideful. You know when you win. It means more, you know, to the state, you know, where I grew up in you know, to the people around it have you spoken on peppers and all a little bit a little bit going thought this process, you know, going through the combine. But as recently. No, okay. Because now he's you know, he's he's Mr. New Jersey by way of Michigan now at the giants right now. So I'm just kind of just poking around right here. In terms of the combine here's a stat the fastest forty yard. Dash among all players to weigh two hundred seventy five pounds or more since the official combine results were tracked in two thousand three four point five.

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