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ABC news I'm juju Chang a broadening impeachment investigation compressional Democrats are now examining whether president trump lied to special counsel Robert Muller in his written responses to questions during the rush investigation there is evidence that are very sad but the president might have provided for answers general counsel for the house of representatives Doug letter tells a federal appeals court that classified grand jury material needs to be released a Colorado juries found Patrick freezy guilty of first degree murder is accused of killing his fiancee Kelsey Behrens and burning her body on his property Paris body was never found secretary of state Mike Pompeii always calling on leaders in Hong Kong and Beijing to address demands of pro democracy demonstrators repeatedly called for restraint from all parties in Hong Kong violence by any side is unacceptable violence escalated over the weekend as police surrounded a university in Hong Kong this is ABC news northern California is bracing for more power outages Pacific gas and electric started notifying customers that it may cut electricity Wednesday out of fear that strong winds could spark wild fires one of the nation's fast food chains is changing its donation practices restaurant chain chick fillet will no longer donate money to the fellowship of Christian athletes and the salvation army instead the company says in a statement it will deepen it's giving to a smaller number of organizations working exclusively in the areas of education homelessness and hunger prior to twenty twelve chick fillet made large donations to right wing and religious organizations known for a lobbying against LGBT Q..

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