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To renew Manifest where the fourth season. The decision came down Monday night, just hours before options on the cast Word expire on Tuesday. Now the show has been number one on Netflix in the last three days. Manifest was sold at NBC with the six season plan that was mapped out, but obviously that plan is failing unless another network or platform steps in to pick up the series following its cancellation. Now shock you said You watched a little bit of this, didn't you? I mean, I watch like the trailer and all that stuff. And I remember thinking it was a really cool like idea. I don't know if I actually watch more than like one episode, but it was cool. Watch the first episode and it was very Gripping wonder why they're canceling it like not even into the third season yet, I don't know. I mean, if you're NBC, and every you're seeing these great reviews, and all these people talk about in a Netflix, but maybe people aren't Watching it on network television. Maybe they're kept me there. Binging it. Maybe it's a been shell. But why, if you're NBC, why don't you go Well, we still want you will put you on Peacock. That's there's a dreamer. But apparently they said no to that, too. So there's an interesting development in the push. I see story the security guard who who allegedly shot at um at a Miami nightclub over Memorial Day weekend. Reportedly recanted his police statement claiming now that he can't remember what happened on the night of the incident. He said he was given a powerful painkiller after the incident and still feels the effects was was still feeling the effects when he talked to police that night. Whoa! Now his lawyers whose lawyers are arguing that this should be enough for prosecutors, prosecutors to consider throwing the case. Like out completely or at least granting him bail. It's just really bizarre that you go from a very detailed statement saying, you know, he definitely shot me at me. There's a video that suggests that Tracy's shot someone but, you know, saying that he prevented him for firing at anyone else after he got angry at someone trying to grab money out of his pocket, just a lot of little details. To Yeah. Oh, I don't remember that. The commotion was a fan falling in the garage. Yeah, I don't know. It's just really weird happen there, either. Somebody got to him and said, either you're going to take back the story or we're going to make life miserable for you. Or maybe the opposite. Maybe they said, Hey, How about we make you a rapper will find your rap career or will just give you 200 grand? I feel like someone was like, here's a lot of money. Yeah, that could be And that's all for illness. Okay, there we go. Coming up to revenge on the X stories you get to decide who got the better revenge next Bill boy, baby doing leap and make them dance. When it come on, everybody looking for dance..

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