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A round skirt in the Dutch fashion. And given a round Pearl Bonnet to set atop her head. As for Henry when she arrived, he played the part of the loving groom, perfectly smiling and extending his arms, and kissing her and welcome, but as soon as the pageant was over, he turned to Cromwell. Get me out of this marriage, he said. But it was too late. The wheels of diplomacy had already been set into motion. Henry were to reject, and at this point he would anger not only an in her powerful family, but all of their allies across Germany. especially if you is rejecting her for no good reason. Cromwell for his part tried his best. That went an had been ten. She had been temporarily engaged to the Duke of Lorraine. If she was pre contract did that would void the marriage arrangement with Henry? The ambassador from cleaves was confused when Cromwell brought it up to him. She was a child, and he said it was before the age of consent. No one actually believes it was a legitimate engagement. Cromwell knew that while enough. But still cromwell hat, confused and scrambling ambassador from cleaves, agreed to send for the proper paperwork back in Germany that would prove that an was completely free and clear to Mary Henry, as everyone knew. The two were married. On, January, six, fifteen, forty, the forty eight year old. King Henry the eighth got married for the fourth time to Anne of cleves. She wore her long blonde hair, loose beneath a golden coronet, set with jewels and fresh sprigs of Rosemary. That evening they were ceremonially put to bed that the pair might conceive another son for Henry a little Duke of York. They didn't. Henry how do I put this? Couldn't sail his boat without a stiff breeze. Young Virginal, an new, had only been instructed with the Vegas possible descriptions of what was expected of her to spend the night asleep next to her new husband. The next morning Henry Confronted Cromwell. I like her not before, but now I like her much less. He consulted his doctors about his sexual problems. While making it very clear to anyone who had listened that it was not his fault. I mean I saw the way her breasts and her belly sagged. Henry said she probably wasn't even a virgin. Henry made sure that the doctors wrote down that it wasn't his fault. He wasn't impotent. He had to missions in the night in his sleep. Doctors advised that he take a night off from trying. And so on the third night he once again went to an sped where he once again failed to consummate the union. Know Virgin has breasts that Henry set. That has to be good enough reason to get this marriage annulled right. What more proof could I possibly need? Also she smells. To make matters worse, the Franco imperial threat that Cromwell had warned about never actually materialized, which meant that this diplomatic marriage, which it seemed so important was now basically worthless. Though an was still in the slow process of learning English, it was abundantly clear that Henry wasn't pleased with her. He kissed her good morning and good night, and came to her bedroom, but has increasing. Chill was obvious in any language. And began wearing a French hood like the kind and Berlin used to wear when that showed off her beautiful blonde hair. But Henry paid her no attention. He much preferred flirting with the very young. Catherine, Howard in very pretty teenager, who like the late and Berlin was a niece of the powerful Duke of Norfolk. When it was time for Anne of Cleves to establish her own household at Greenwich. All of her ladies in waiting were Henry's choice. An requested that one of the ladies be Catherine beset the daughter of Lord Liezl in so warm and hospitable to her during her two weeks. Stay in Calais. But. Henry rejected the proposition not attractive enough. If. He is going to have to be married to an ugly wife. He at least wanted to be surrounded by attractive ladies in waiting. Of course Katherine, Howard was given a position. Outside the bedroom and of cleves was finding that she was good at being Queen and she was for the most part enjoying it. Though. She had been Catholic. Of course she converted to Anglicanism when she married Henry. The reformers loved her. And the people after mostly because she wasn't that social climbing little nobody Catherine Howard. WHO seemed to be monopolizing off the king's attention? Everyone seemed to find an of cleves charming everyone except her husband. Even after three wives, one thing remained consistent about Henry the eighth. When he was done with a woman. He wanted her out of sight, so he didn't have to deal with her himself. Late in the spring just months after their wedding and got word with Henry wanted her household moved to Richmond. Far from the plague in London, she was told. It was a thin excuse. I'm going the way of Catherine of Aragon. She told one of her ladies. He's disposing of me. What power to chief to stop him. She wasn't a foreign country where she didn't speak. The language in had no power. Her brother seemed very far away and anyway. She believed it was her fault. If she had been able to consummate the marriage with Henry, none of this would be happening. In the middle of the night on June twenty-fourth messenger arrived an interpreter delivered the news to an that the king was beginning an investigation to determine whether or not their marriage was valid. With extraordinary composure and signed the request, Anna Daughter of Cleves, thanks the man and went about her business. Her confusion, her shame, her hurt her fear. All of that was dealt with privately. Cromwell knew he was hanging on by a thinner rope. After all the marriage to Anne of cleves had been his idea all along, and now was a disaster. He needs to figure out a way to give the king the divorce. He wanted and fast. During, the investigation to of Ann's ladies testified they had talked with the brand new queen few weeks after her wedding, and inquired as to whether a little prince might be on the way. According to them, and said that the king kissed her good night, and fell asleep, and then in the morning bid her farewell. An had looked at the ladies with Widodo. Is That's enough right? She asked. That story became the gossip of court repeated endlessly until ultimately, it became an anecdote of history to prove that Anne of cleves was not only a virgin. So innocent that she didn't even know what the Act of sex was. The truth of it was those two ladies were trying to tell Henry's commission what they wanted to hear proof that the marriage was never consummated. Anyway an wasn't nearly fluent in English at that point. If that. Private conversation had taken place. It would have been a comedy of confusion on both sides..

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