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Holland annemarie knowles thirty six of hedlund in henry county was arrested thursday on charges of wire fraud theft of government property and using a false document in a matter under the jurisdiction of the federal government knowles worked for the dourthe in farm service agency us attorney louis franklins office says if convicted knows faces up to twenty years in prison monetary penalties and restitution dr scott harris of talladega has been named as alabama's 12th the state health officer the state committee of public health appointed harris to the post permanently thursday harris had served as the acting state health officer for the past six months in two thousand fifteen harris joined the alabama department of public health as an area health officer for seven north alabama emma counties the execution of doyle lee ham was not carried out as scheduled as it was called off just before eleven forty five p m ham was granted a temporary stay of execution by the us supreme court but the state was lifted just before nine p m however by then holman prison officials said there was not enough time to prepare a federal judge has scheduled a monday hearing to discuss what happened during the aborted execution of ham alabama must now seek a new execution date for him if it still wants to execute him following the unexpected postponment the treasury department today announced new sanctions against north korea they target dozens of shipping companies and vessels allegedly used by north korea to get around sanctions on coal and fuel transports in a white house news conference treasury secretary steve mnuchin provided details on the news anxious specifically we are sanctioning 27 entities 28 vessels in one individual all involved in sanctions evasion schemes brought to you by attorney alexander shinohara a man for the people four more alabama stories go to yellowhammer news dot com i'm i'm alexandersson sonora people all was asked me how does it feel to have my face on over 2000 billboards it feels like the people of alabama have spoke our clients belief entrust have made this possible thank you alabama for allowing us to serve you year after year it has been my privilege and honour to get you the compensation for your injuries i'm alexander shianov call me alabama three two three one.

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