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Will I mean I suppose we could Loyd but then I wouldn't get to talk to you about Capterra Dow okay towards me about Capterra capterra right so capterra is basically a a sort of online APP store store but they have over eight hundred and fifty thousand reviews on there he said again they they're the leading free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your the business and there are eight over eight hundred fifty thousand reviews of products from real software users so you can go through and discover everything you need to make an informed decision there over seven hundred specific categories of software like project management or email marketing circuiting or or even yoga studio managed software. This is important because it's not always easy to make the right choice in terms of software business. You know you were talking about difficulties with office will officer Standard Ever News's office except of course it breaks doing tracking changes like you're talking about another better example would be a friend of mine who is dealing with point of sale software and inventory management software. He's struggling right now because the point of sale that he's been using the inventory management set up on the back end is not recording first of all. He's got a skew for every possible size dimension and color way even though some items are the same just different colors and you know I told them that makes great sense except the because you've got to know if you need to reorder read versus reordering blue you need to know which one's the higher seller kind of thing but he's got a problem where some of them don't have cost of goods recorded and so sometimes he's making a sale and something doesn't come out right so that's partly down to who whoever entered those details and inventory management but also partly a part of of how good is that point of sale software and he's been slogging through trying to figure out how to fix this thing and untangled this thing if he'd used Capterra to to begin with he would have seen the reviews no matter what kind of software your business needs capterra makes it easy to discover the right solution fast join the millions of people.

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