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People on spending money in the reagan it's still of fourteen billion dollar business still doing very very well as you'll hear hear from the commissioner i think our leagues in a great position but we obviously have shown to society any other industry and i think were were excited about addressing those has a leak and think decisions talusso purchase georgia's martin dym here burned please rorick of now drew the armed as little more important instrument oh friend but cardinal law earlier looking at better the voted to god bless big news scientific world i miss the mark affected yulia brain dead audience for give a rat's ass bouquets they call it a 500yearold shark off the coast of greenland be days the world's oldest living vertebrae of course we all know the second oldest living in a state of texas so if you really don't have a backbone imus pneumonia slithering spineless oh rent heavy drills of cost to news mcconnell mcshane who replaced jarred much charles mcchord on your stupid i missed misnomer years ago and who could forget but areas whittaker chambers outburst on the i am a show or when the car blew up at the i met repeated use of the word erection instead of election immediate comedy gold among many many other instances so it's only fitting i miss them aren't that on connell machines last day that we focus a bit i'm exchange memorable exchanges with the man oh okay that's no no seriously scientist ahmad hard let me just congratulate carnal twinkled tells mcshane who unlike giles mcchord safely escaped the ira's daunted mccain's a lot lately angelo ball getting sprung from red china on hard mccall worked well maccord was more like other won't be leaving north korea broken very sick man returned until you tomorrow congratulations mccain on your liberation thank you the truth is i missed him all that of the rest of your unfunny obsequious imus rats connell was the most nauseating lackey let's face it renders them are stunning out from the rest like well like rude off the red nosed reindeer i meant well you know louis and bernie and robbie in sydney ghanzi who stupid and tony whose black do you will recall biggest kiss conor the iran's news man seini big brown knows god forbid you ever so is he gets unease neeson blow all of the most retards used.

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