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Thought it was just going up and up and up for driver and instead there's a bunch of roadblocks that I did not not see coming so does rise of skywalker going to be his nervous uh-huh Richard and I don't agree on this but I think driver is great in the rises skywalker. Richard just thinks he's not in like checked out of it and that's you know that that is an interpretation. I understand but I think he I kind of think that Red Skywalker is like one of those performances. where it's sort of like Romney Malik? Where you're like Bohemian rhapsody is bad romalis rallies pretty good in it or whatever? So that's that's it might. It might impact in that way. I don't know we're we're sitting here. The general public still hasn't seen star wars though. Who knows what's going to happen so a lot of times? We whoever wins the globe. It feels like it's the narrative but it does feel like like Adam driver and Joaquin Phoenix are still the top of the best actor category. And I I don't know that that will settle anything. Whoever wins like it will be interesting but it will still feel like a race to me? I think a toss her night. I like my Tokens Antonio Madera Star. Course there we've been would cheer for that so loudly early. He's been winning. He's been running critical words. You know. So He's wonderful ended and he really is a fun guy to be a room with which I'm not sure you would say about you know at least three other five people here not naming names naming names but but I mean yeah presumably. It's driver Phoenix face. Off Off as the Oscar will be It is interesting to not see Deniro here with with five drama things and obviously we talked about that when the nominations came out but just looking at it again. I'm Mike Man. No Deniro. Now we should talk about actor an economy because Eddie Murphy like I think has a chance to really show his position of strength here because it's basically in this category. It's him and Leonardo DiCaprio. I think the big heavy hitter potential Oscar nominees up against Craig Roman Griffin Davis and Josiah Rabbit and our beloved Taryn Edgerton. It feels like Eddie Murphy can pull this off. It does and yet I've just I have to say it's gotTa be tearing eight them. Musical like sometimes musical categories categories. They genuinely give it to a musical performance. So You know I agree your bloody right but I'm just GONNA put my heart out there and say Taryn uh-huh Dolemite has some music to it. You know I it's it's a very like performing kinda movies true he's And and I I feel like that is kind of the thing I always think about years ago. Colin Farrell won this award in comedy up comedy slash musical for in Bruges which is a great little movie and a Great Performance and Colin. Farrell's a great actor but you gotTa Watch what you say next. You really want to be very careful. One of my favorite movies vis-a-vis time like that because they split between comedy and drama. It's really nice. That a beloved actor. Ken Get a Golden Globe and give speeches John Stage during award season. And I feel like that's exactly the position Eddie. Murphy is in this year and it's like the back kind of role right where we'll go on Anthony. I was GonNa say I think that the the cynical side of they would love to be the place where Eddie Murphy makes a killer award speech and held to Academy Glory. That happened that the Globes that would be a great thing for the globe so I could see them wanting to Make that a possibility. So you guys don't think Eliana Caros as much of a threat is maybe I do. Oh No I think he is but I think he has less of a narrative than his Co star. Brad Pitt does I feel like people are like. Oh Leo's great but like You know we're we're. We're still kind of tired from the revenue so as if we see were swimming in the frozen river. Yeah Leo's obviously you're Taryn and we know this about you. Katie so again it all right Actress in a musical comedy musical drama. I keep Straw okay. The actress in drama. Who I think will win? I thought was nominated in a musical which is Renee Zellweger and Judy. which is weird? That she's in this category but Anyway she's is this going to be. where the rene domination like becomes a real thing I would assume so I mean that's kind of I mean since what like telluride we've been like? Oh yeah like that. That she's got that in the bag I since the photos were released but that movie movie has been pretty quiet ever since and I. I don't know I my my my hunch is that you know she'll she'll kind of return onto the scene With the Globes. It'll be kind of like her her reemergence into this conversation I don't see her having really serious competition from anyone else on the list. which I I feel like is probably the thing working? Best for her at the moment What about search Ronin? Well I feel like little women has been kind of this weird nonstarter starter. Thus far this award season in certain capacities and we just ran a story. I think that was from you. wrote it Anthony about about like not getting voters into see little women if I asked you to talk about his story who wrote it was a legitimate question. Do not Not a proposal. Like what about her. Do we think that she might because you know that story was about how male voters in a lot of the guilds didn't go go to see the movie and they're not sure they're watching screener so like do you think she would be like the next possible. I think I think Shirley's and I think not because I think you know we. We just talked about bombshell we've talked about are like whatever with Charlie's performance but remember. They gave Christian Bale The Globe for advice and so like maybe they're just like hey that disappearing act. What a what a show? Charlie's it is surely feels like such a gloves win here for it is a very buzzy performance and I think people are talking about it and I think that you know she is. I think the feeling is even for people who found the Makeup Cup and all that as distracting as I did like she still did an amazing job so I think she's in there. I also think Scarlett I almost feel like scarlet pays the price of of how dominant net flicks is and they're sort of Globes another globes desire. Let's face it to lake. Spread the wealth so that all the studios like by tables and stuff. They don't want they don't want warner brothers coming them being like seriously gave twelve awards to net flicks last night but I think scarlets performance is incredible but I seem seem to be living in denial bubble about the reception of Mayor Story which to me was not that bad so I mean I love marriage story I just I. Don't I think it was received well by the general public. I but maybe I'm too online. You're always right about that. My Do we want to talk about some of the comedy musical where this category is The maybe the wildest one of all right. This is the one where Kate Blanchett nominated for. Where'd you go Bernadette movie? Everyone forgot existed listed. I guess that gives Aquafina pretty good. Edge is the one person who's in a potential best picture nominee. I think she's going to be the one to be. I think that's a beautiful movie A great performance from her unexpected performance from from Aquafina and I think that's the kind of thing where we talked about them. Liking to break new talent. I don't count as new. I guess she's young and But but but it shows a new dimension to her at the very least and I could you see them really wanting to be. Wow you remember remember like twenty years from now remember when we We gave you that award and Boy that really changed things for you like they would love to be the landmark workplace where people looked at Aquafina is very serious and wonderful actress. Yeah and it's a way to recognize one of the more beloved movies of the year you know. At least at least by those who've seen Senate and elsewhere in the category I mean on the armistice is great and knives out. She has the benefit of that movie being a huge financial success. You know so. It's kind of in people's heads but I feel like the ensemble aspect of that movie is more. It's sort of visible strength than one at any one particular performance. Even though there are single oh performances nominated maybe even a little surprised that she's running an actress for supporting for that role. I mean I know that she is pretty has a principal kind of plot role but the issue I think. Just because of the ensemble. You don't think of her being unscreened the majority of the film necessarily yeah. They divide the supporting categories between Comedy and drama which I guess gives her her much better chance of getting in there. She'd been in supporting up against you. Know Margot Robbie et CETERA. Okay join them. We were talking before for about The power of an honorary award so Tom. Hanks is going to give a speech as a sesame mill award winner at the Golden Globes. Does that give him an edge of Brad Pitt. Here or is this Brad Pitt. All the way pit hit pit pit and I think it's going to be good. I'm really excited to see Brad Pitt. Went acting has. He wasn't not going to look up if you wanted to go. I mean he has an acting Oscar. He's been part of multiple best picture. Nominees teams like this incredible behind the scenes role. But he's such a huge which movie star it feels so overdue. I don't know am I going to get like emotionally affected by him. Winning a Golden Globe would and like and I love that he would get it for like I love that he would get it in the supporting category to be honest with you. Because Brad you know is this like impossibly galactically handsome human being who has always been more of a character actor than he is like a a leading man despite being so handsome. He's like fought against poor him too handsome. But like that's like that's been the pit narrative right is like what he really shines. He does those like Weirdo parts and like it's not like his time in Hollywood role is not like super weird. He's still like incredibly handsome and it but like it's kind of like a weird little character likes you know supporting character role. I would love for him to get the glove for this for sure. Why what? I'm curious about Hank's if either any when he picks up his lifetime stomach trophy or for this one. I think he'll win is will he take off his jacket and shoes while giving the speech and cardigans in like I think I just really just leaning into the sort of life like like Mister Rogers kind of sermonizing of at all. I'm excited for that brand new APP. Brad Pitt I would like Brad Pitt. First of all to bring the dog up to the but this is I think maybe the most obvious one where Brad Pitt can really start. Now if he hasn't already like approaching this as an audition for his Oscar speech like like it creates the Globes do function that way kind of like you know. Don't you want this this to happen on your stage. Show this act one and you'll get act. You know. The Final Act continued. Yeah so I think that. I think that's what you're some version. One of that Brad Pitt can live with and not hate himself for doing because obviously he's much cool to like campaign or do anything like that So it'll be interesting to see how he handles the tradition of of auditioning for your next award speech and remember at this award. Show unlike the Oscars Jennifer Aniston will be there as a nominee for the morning. Show so get ready for for the cameras to cut to her during his speech. I mean these two have been like circling around each other for so long since they broke up literally twenty years ago at this point maybe So I'm sure they'll be fine but I can't wait to see the cameras. Try to juice up the drama between the Tis anyone. Does anyone remember well. Of course you do. We're an award. We're an award show podcast but like one of weird things that I like to remember are like great presentations of awards and an old timer for me. Is Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling Thousand Sixteen Globes like Brad Pitt. Awards presenter is like a barrel of monkeys he's really fun so talk meaningfully involved in this Golden Globes broadcast i. I have just like feeling like he has something to say. I don't know what it is though and I'm just very curious you know I feel like I just feel like there's something there's some unspoken narrative or something if he's just going to like Let fly if if he gets up on a stage This winter. Let's talk about supporting actress. Which might be the most foregone conclusion of this? At least as thank Clark dern has been kind of emerged as the one real consensus of the entire year among critics and all the You know awards seen so far so I'm excited for her speech..

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