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Thirty first terms and conditions. Apply here is a look at weather from the hotlanta news. Feed weather center today. Cloudy and cold with a forty percent chance of snow accumulation between one and three inches high end nineteen tonight. Snowfall continues cloudy and windy with a low of fourteen. There is a thirty percent chance of continued snow thursday. Cloudy windy and cold. Hi nancy twenty. That's the latest weather chicago more news and weather on our website at heartland news feed dot com re pacific sixty eastern. Well whole lot of news yesterday less today. But there's news coming up tonight as in fact it is as always wednesday and you know that means. Aew versus annex t. Tonight we have full cards for both of those shows. The main event of dynamite show. The forbidden door has been opened kanta. We'll be teaming with kenny omega jon moxley and lance archer in lights out match. That's the main event of the eighty. W show tonight full card other than that as well. Annex t has got a full card here lot of dusty classic matches there's a semifinal match the women's tournament and semifinal matches in the men's tournament as well the return of cameron. Grimes kushida will be facing austin theory. That is coming up tonight. We'll go over the full lineups for both of those shows. We got the no surrender lineup. If you're a fan of impact wrestling taking place on saturday yes. There are inter promotional matches. The good brothers are defending the impact taking titles against private party. An awa team looking to win the impact tag team titles. We've also got the ratings for monday night and these numbers are not good. We are a week away from the royal rumble. We are on the road to wrestlemainia. The show is doing worse than it was doing against all which is practically inconceivable. The third hour of the show. Where nyah jackson hole was the semi main event and drew. Mcintyre and randy. Orton was the main.

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