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Sera time It also may be breakfast time for yoga time but definitely listening time Welcome back to the Jim bohannon show at one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 Jack Lombardi a tech entrepreneur running for Congress says we're not doing enough to stop Russian disinformation and we have a call from Mike in Denver Hello Mike Thank you so much for taking my call and mister Lombardi Thank you so much for your insight in your forward thinking approach It means a lot So I just had a quick comment and question on this tonight So Jack Russia as we know recently passed these new fake news laws that threaten prison time for anyone publishing what Russian authorities consider to be false information about the country's invasion of Ukraine Now TikTok which is an app that allows users to make short videos about things It's essentially like YouTube just the videos are shorter They on Sunday suspended most of their services in Russia and suspended users from being able to post new content New videos which I don't think this comes as any coincidence My question would be do you think TikTok is spending people from being able to do new posts not to censor people but to protect the average Russian citizens from being improperly in prison for posting information the Russian government bills is misinformation While I would say that would be a way to look at it that's for sure I mean that's a good way to look at it However none of us will know I mean we are just speculating at this point on what the true real intent is because I mean we are talking about Russia Yes It's a good point That we can't be sure trying to crawl inside that mind is like a trip through the looking glass for Alice in Wonderland But the good point Mike and certainly food for thought one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo and we go to a Danny in Helen Georgia hello Danny Hello Yes you're on the radio Danny What's on your mind Thank you thank you I'll tell you what I really am sorry As far as falling victim to it myself I think the Internet is really challenging everybody down to a certain point of who they can buy what they should buy what they should say what they should read and what have you There's horrible sales tactics going on these days And I still fall victim to some of the little rides but I hate it It's horrible It's headed in a wrong direction and I don't know how we're going to fix it Jim All right well thoughts on that certainly that they are trying to make us buy stuff I can honestly say that I thought about this as the show was progressing And I really believe never in my life has something that's been foisted on me by the Internet caused me to buy it I mean wow isn't that special I just first of all I'm not much of an impulse buyer In fact I don't consume all that much at all I need this I need that I'm not the kind of person you turn loose in a supermarket And I'm going in there for a sack of flour and I walk out with the two carts full of stuff That ain't me So it isn't affecting me that much but for those who feel Danny's predicament you know I mean if somebody is trying to get me to buy something I'll look at it but I'm not gonna worry about it It's not like insidious forces are crawling in between my ears to force me zombie like to the checkout line Your thoughts My thoughts on that is you know we all have to be responsible for our own spending habits Yes it is they're called programmatic ads is what you're speaking about right They're very very very slick It's the best way I can describe it I work with them And I do believe there's been some points where they've been a little intrusive A little more and they should be and I believe that we're some regulation on there But going back to the original topic advertising is what is your control of your own decisions and accountable for your own decisions But taking that technology and using it for let's say then less than good or at least decent means is what I'm most fearful of with the Internet because of what happens This does happen That technology does happen Years ago I built an app one of my apps one of my first one and I was exposed to you have to sign an affidavit with the federal government that you will allow them in your server If they need to go in there please reasons or whatever right So that's a legitimate argument we can all understand But where's the line drawn there Who else gets in there I mean when you sign it off you could be disguised Your intent to go into a server of a product or an app can be disguised as let's say for police reasons or whatever investigation reasons But it could be completely something different And we've seen that the manipulation of law in order to use these apps to get into the back doors to them And there's been some spying that's been done I believe president Trump was not a fan of TikTok Because of its origin and nor am I I told my son many years ago I have an 18 year old son I said hey listen buddy There's things you could do on that phone I can't get you out of So you have to be very very careful Be careful what you search and what whatever you view or whatnot I had that conversation with them and I had explained to them any pictures that are taken You know incent back and forth whatever they are I'm not saying they're bad I'm just you can use your imagination On somebody's server That is on somebody else's server and there are other people that will have access to it Now can you imagine the power of AI.

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