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Of It's who was killed Thursday while working undercover in Cleveland and Officer Nick Sabe O, who recently took his life. Gideon and Josiah Tranq, with a little help from their family are selling food and beverages at Home made snacks stand today in front of their home. A young woman died and two others were seriously injured following a head on collision in Charlestown Township in Portage County on Saturday. Neither the driver's nor the passenger were wearing seatbelts and troopers are working to determine whether drugs or alcohol played a factor. Ohio secretary of state. Frankly, Rose says that Ohio has plenty of safeguards in place for dealing with voting by mail. LaRoche was on NBC's Meet The Nation today. Here, Ohio. What we have is an absentee process that has safeguards We prohibit ballot harvesting. In Ohio, for example, we maintain accurate rolls. Those are all things that cause Ohioans to trust this process. And he says, unlike states like Oregon, and watching two nobody gets a ballot in the mail in Ohio unless they ask for it. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says that the Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals have been granted variances to the States Sports Order on fans of games. As of now, only 6000 fans will be allowed and on Lee so far, a two games per team. This means only 6000 fans for each of the Browns First two home games. Ones against the Bengals in Washington and only 6000 fans for each of the Bengals home games in October against the Jaguars and the Browns on Ly 1500 will be a lot on each side of either first energy. You're Paul Brown stadiums and all fans must enter a specific times and specific entrances. And of course we're a mask. No word yet on any other games this season. I'm Tom Moore. I may see Jackson keeping you up today to a trending news stories at the top and bottom of every hour. Columbus is on news radio 6 10. W TV end..

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