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In Palm Beach county, Florida says she will accept full responsibility for. For missing a recount deadline and the racist for Senate and governor. But as corespondent Jessica dean report, Susan Booker, also says, no human could have done more Palm Beach. They are the only county in the state of Florida that turned in their preliminary numbers from Saturday in lieu up recounted numbers. That's what the law states. They are blamed being mechanical error. They have been plagued by old machines here, they overheat. They break down these states. Sixty seven counties were required to machine recounts of more than eight million ballots cast in the contentious midterms the US Senate and governor's races were among the three within the vote margin to trigger a machine recount the man accused of sending bombs through the mail to prominent Democrats and critics of the president has been reined in federal court in New York. Correspondent Steve Kastenbaum says the fifty six year old from Florida has pleaded not guilty didn't say anything during his appearance in federal court here his defense lawyer entered the not guilty plea on his behalf. He waived his right to have. The charges against him read aloud it would have taken a significant amount of time. He faces thirty counts Seok is accused of sending at least sixteen homemade bombs through the mail to people in four states. It started with a package delivered to billionaire. George Soros and Hillary Clinton in Westchester county. New York others were sent to former President Barack Obama and a few critics of President Trump in care of CNN. The fifty six year olds trial is expected to begin in the summer. Steve kastenbaum. New york. Illinois is moving closer on an age. Limit of twenty one for the purchase tobacco products are Nick gale with that Senate voted to override governor Bruce rounders veto of a Bill that raises the legal age to buy cigarettes from eighteen to twenty one runner had vetoed. The measure saying it would drive young adults to neighboring states to buy tobacco products. But the bill's sponsor state Senator Julie Morrison of Deerfield says the changes needed to prevent high schoolers from picking up the habit nine out of ten of today's smokers current smokers began as teams we are anti hitting a. Twenty five percent drop in ten smoking. When this age change would go into place. The Bill now heads to the house, Nick gale WLS AM. Eight ninety new top US health officials pledging to try to ban menthol from regular cigarettes outlaw flavors and all cigars and tighten rules regarding these sale of most flavor versions of e cigarettes, Scott Gottlieb of the US food and Drug administration disclosed the plans earlier today, the restrictions are mainly aimed at reducing smoking among kids WLS news time, three oh, four the Edens right now either direction between the junction and lake cook. Twenty six minutes, a Kennedy outbound the junction twenty.

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