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Reds one giants Nothing is we go to the last of the second inning? Kyle Farmer will lead off for Cincinnati against Anthony DeSclafani before he comes up. Let's poise briefly for station identification. This is the KNBR, Northern California Honda Dealers radio Network. This she's the flagship of Giants baseball. Okay NPR and KNBR F San Francisco Police Force Lear. The Dodgers will be here at Oracle Park where we are at the moment. Starting Friday night. Friday night at 6 45, Saturday, 4 15 and a day game on Sunday at 105 Tickets are moving quickly. To see the two rivals For the first time this year, the Giants and the Dodgers the most Venerated rival rape. In baseball. Tickets available in sf giants dot com slash tickets. There's a swinging strike one by Kyle Farmer chasing a slider in the dirt. The outside ball one. Rather, it would have been ball. What if he had not swung at it? All? In one the count? Other slider this time, a check swing and appeal noses. Bruce Dreckman, the first base umpire, said he checked in time. Farmer to 22 average, two homers in 90 at bats. Fastball, yanked past diving third baseman Longoria and through the hole in the left field for a base hit. You jumped in that four seam fastball on the inside and ripped it 96 Mile an hour fastball. That farmer really smoked it. Longoria made the headlong dive to his left, but it was already bad. 99 miles an hour off the bat of.

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