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There on double secret probation right so i'm just telling you all that like if you don't want to hear about the team that's going to win the super bowl like if you care about how this season is going to play out fast forward about twenty minutes right now for those of you that want to hear about the washington professional football team which will be super bowl champions this year i'm just saying matthew to gripe obviously okay good. Now here's your chance to hear about the future teams. Typo st matthews joking. But i will tell you this there in the conversation. I believe. They're in the conversation. Like what i would think odds on favor. They don't obviously. I think there are teams in the nfc. The buccaneers are better. I think the packers are better. I think there's other teams out there. But washington is gonna be good this year it'd be scrapped healthy scrappy. And there'd be better on offense and part of that is because they signed ryan fitzpatrick to a one year deal. This off season force comes from miami where he was for a few years and he was the starter and then he was the backup but he was like a closer in baseball right like he wouldn't start the game what he did on multiple occasions. Finish the game for miami well two occasions but still uncommon to see a team pull a quarterback at halftime or even earlier which i think was the case for the other time that he came in for two and what was really bizarre about last year. Matthew is that when ryan fitzpatrick got benched after seven games. Not only was miami at the time. Four and three right but since he was playing well. It was a good quarterback as was reflected by the fact that your professional football team signed him. This off season is an underrated right now. Fantasy quarterback asset he is. I mentioned that. I'm writing my love. Hate column right now. He's going to be a love interesting. Yeah he's going to be a love for me. Understand this ryan. Fitzpatrick obviously is not the sexiest name though we might be the sexiest beard secret squirrel. I don't think he is. I thought i was the sexiest. Why are you telling me that he might be the sexiest man. I'm obviously the one has the sexiest beard. Berry telling you because it's like diesels is the sexiest man alive when you. Oh that's right. I'm balding you're the sexiest balding man alive. I appreciate that very much. Here's the thing about ryan. Here's the thing about ryan fitzpatrick last year. Those seven starts averaged nineteen point. Nine fantasy points. Game would've been. Qb eleven on a per game basis last year. He's been good in fantasy for the last couple of years. He actually was productive with the jets as well. He is and i say this notice respect. He's a professional. Quarterback is the aaron rodgers. Josh allen is kyle merisi. One of these superstars. Tom brady to talk about another sort of dropback passer. No he's not those guys but he is an above average professional quarterback at this stage in his career. And i think because he's bounced around to so many teams you know in fitzpatrick and he's he has he is prone to turnovers. There's a sense of him in the fantasy community. That just like whatever he's a he's a bye week geise fillon guy he's just He's a journeyman. But my argument about ryan fitzpatrick is two fold. Number one is again. This guy that basically was a top twelve fantasy quarterback last year on a points per game basis and now in washington. He is going to play with. I would argue the best. The best skill players he's ever played with in his nfl career. Terry maclaurin curtis samuel logan thomas antonio gibson in the backfield. He pretty good offensive line. Name a team that he played with that had a better group of skilled players. I that's a better group. And he had a miami last year back in check where he was with the jets a few years ago. Because if i'm not mistaken he was marshall. I like those two by themselves. Pretty darn good players. They were pretty darn good players but at apex had proved more than maclaurin. Samuel have yet proven. I think chlorine could certainly be in that conversation soon. But i'm just saying like but you're right more importantly we shouldn't be over that the point is he's got good skill players. You've got good skill players around him and he's got a offense coordinator in scott turner. That's not afraid to be creative. That's not afraid to push the ball down the field last year. They were very conservative offense because they had to be quarterback. The quarterbacks were you know rule that you know whatever dwayne haskins and kyle allen and our new colleague. Alex smith like i mean like guys that that for a variety of reasons weren't super aggressive down the field that he had to be more conservative on offense. Here they can. They can go and be a little bit more aggressive. Do a lot more with fifty more mobile than it gets credit for multiple rushing touchdowns in two of the last three seasons or sorry in each of the last three seasons. Yeah good good athlete. Qb qb fifteen that. I'm sorry qb fourteen. That's and that's nowhere close to where he's going and adp. Yeah he's being undrafted. Eighty five percent of leaks. Yeah fits he's going to have a big year interesting. Yes you'd be comfortable assuming leaving your draft with ryan fitzpatrick as your starter. I'm qb fourteen so not in a ten team league. Obviously but but there's more than ten quarterbacks feel comfortable. If i can say this and i realized this is jack ass short-term thing but you're talking about if you were to take dak prescott early ryan fitzpatrick is the perfect guy. The you could wait for towards the end of the draft to make sure that you have somebody that can start if anything does happen to example good example of a quarterback that could be there and around. Let's say thirteen fourteen fifteen or sixteen. Yep we need a new term. It's not breakout because people always push back when you name. Someone breakout candidate when the players already done some good things the pro level. But i don't want to just say he's going to improve. But antonio gibson feels like one of those players that falls into the category that i can't find the perfect name for because he was really good last year rb thirteen on the season. Rb sixteen points per game of fourteen point four. He had eleven touchdowns last year. Only one hundred seventy carries.

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