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I had to basically run out of food so I went into town to go and I felt this sense of presence with with my south and in my body that I hadn't felt for a really long time and I was like. Oh this feels familiar. Now let the magic begin. Hello and Gemma Gemma Zal try. It's for CAL and wow I am on a high from Sedona when it feels safe to finally travel again. I highly recommend you look forward to go into that space for your soul as there's something spellbinding in the vortex of Sedona and I'm so beyond thankful to have had my second retreat there the Euro Magic's. I can't retreat with Brie Melanson. The Queen Herself. Who is just a force of nature and hold so much healing space for so many to release and really transform and free themselves from so many limiting beliefs so they can truly step into their power remember. Their power was amazing to see. What just truly unfolded for these goddesses? And you'll hear their voices in this episode as well as Brie and I- chitchatting after the read treat not only about the retrieve but also our experience with witnessing ufo's and connecting with horses which. I had a fear for but this experience actually healed that fear. They're very intuitive beings. Themselves I would say high dimensional beings indeed. You'll also hear snippets of breathing. Channeling Archangel Michael and the Ark. Turning INS FOR THOSE OF YOU. Not familiar with the turbines. They're basically another alien collective like the play begins which you'll hear after the conversation that brand I had after the retreat but this conversation was so profound especially the moment she talked about this experience she had that expanded breathe to another level of awakening as instilled a little bit of fear and now that fear allowed her to truly open her heart even more. And it's just been amazing to witness this and also just to witness so many women open their hearts more and just become more in their power and more filled with love.

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