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I'm left, there are bunch of heavily publicized figures from parkland ranging from news. Emily Gonzales to the to David Hogg, obviously, Cameron Caskey, who we had on the Sunday special to talk about parkland into their bunch of these survivors, and many of them handle him. Well, some of them, don't handle him as well, but they're all kids, these are all people who are seventeen eighteen years old at the most. Well, Kyle cash was one of these people and he spends a couple of years, basically going around with various other members of the park in class and trying to school safety initiatives. So he meets with bunch of senators on both left and right. He meets the president of the United States. He becomes very prominent figure now Kyle also has impeccable academic credentials. So Kyle graduated second in his class, his classes, several hundred people he had in a weighted GPA of something like five point four and he scored fifteen fifty on his SAT's says academic credentials were for Leonardo. He applies to Harvard and he gets in, and after he gets in some of the kids, who he was on that Google private dock thread with back when he was sixteen when he said, all these terrible things decide to Nell drop all of that. And our journalistic institutions decide to go all in on this will summer who I think is one of the worst dodger artists in the media. I mean, he he does this for a living sort of trolls Twitter for moments to, to attack folks over the Daily Beast. He prints an article a couple of weeks ago is may twenty third about a month ago now called pro gun parkland team Kyle cash apologizes for inflammatory racial comments, and Kyle had gone ahead and done that he had called me after he said the stuff is resurfacing. And I said, you should come forward. You should explain to everybody that you apologize in that you never meant any of this stuff if you didn't mean any of this stuff, you should explain where you were coming from a Kyle said is that, like many sixteen year, he fell in with a group of people who are trying to shock each other? If you remember being sixteen year old boy, very often sixteen year old boys say, shocking. And terrible things to each other specifically for the fact so Kyle came out and you made a statement at the time, and we'll summer and other members of the media, covered this as though this was actual news. They covered it his actual news that a sixteen year olds stupid things in a private Google document. And then a lot of his political adversaries decided to go after him on that basis. There are also also some members of the so-called alt-right who decided to go after of some members sort of the fringy, right who decided to go after cashew, the reason being the cashew has rided the alright for their racism. He had said, racism is bad, particularly after parkland. He had said that he was not going to participate in events with people who he perceived as racist. They said, ha- back when you were sixteen you said, x is were adults attacking a kid who's seventeen eighteen years old at the time, and then they all sent these notes to Harvard admissions committee. A so cashew says all the stuff the Daily Beast reports all of this, and then Harvard gets a hold of it, and then harbor sins his admission. So here's what. Kyle explained on Twitter this morning. It's the thread Harverson. Did my acceptance three months after being admitted to Harvard class of twenty twenty three Harvard has decided to rescind, my admission over text and comments made nearly two years ago months prior to the shooting? I have some thoughts. Here's what happened a few weeks. I was made aware of and callous comments classmates. And I made privately years ago when I was sixteen years old months before the shooting in an attempt to be extremely shocking as possible. I immediately apology apologized and he did. In fact, issue in apology, by the way side note here. This is a smear job on cashew in the sense that they're bunch of other sixteen year olds in the chat, if any of their names appearing in public media. Have you seen any of the sixteen year olds who said similarly, disgusting, outrageous things? Have you seen any of them been shamed? Out of their college acceptance didn't think so it so here's the apology the cash. He the cash avert at the time..

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