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It's not exactly ridiculous to say that, you know, the 92 win Yankees this year could have made a World Series run. Might have made a run past the log chart game if they had played that game at home and Giancarlo Stanton's two doubles and a home run had in fact been three home runs. All of these things aren't that ridiculous to track. The bothersome thing is that when you leave it up to chance like that, you end up with extremely talented teams exiting the postseason too early, which begins to feel like a pattern, which is why Yankee fans say, you know, of course, a hot team could get hot and win the World Series, but why hasn't it been us since 2009 when we were, say it with me now? Clearly, the best team. That wasn't a hot team that got lucky. That was the best roster in baseball running over its opponent. So the Yankees haven't had a run like that as an accidental hot team since 2001, but this year of all years, the Atlanta Braves are no matter what you think about their position up three two going back to Houston. They do have max free. They do have vien Anderson. They're two actual starting pitchers. They are a hot team that retooled at mid season to take a bad looking season. They were 50 to one World Series odds on August 8th. Their trade deadline acquisitions changed the roster entirely, so they went for it when they maybe shouldn't have. Yankee fans would have told the braves to sell at the deadline. And in fact, many did, but this is a hot team that has managed to parlay having a non rotation into being one game away from a World Series win. Yankee fans don't want to act like Brian cashman's vision of building a consistent play of contender is valid, but this World Series is very much proving that it is a successful way to build a team. Yeah, but I kind of you're right, but I do disagree to an extent because the braves are a team of destiny this year. I don't think there's any denying that. They had a bullpen game against the Dodgers and somehow managed to absolutely dominate it. This braves bullpen is historically over the last couple of years has been laughable. It's been one of the biggest weaknesses that's cost them so many wins. And then you look at the Astros and the Astros are just, they're just well built. And they have the personalities, and that's kind of the other aspect of it. That I like to talk about a lot with the Yankees because we have the Joey kallo report about how we put his pants on funny and everyone's like, do they vet these guys before they're coming into The Bronx? And while that does sound insane, take the Gallo situation here about how he puts on his Jersey out of the equation, do the Yankees really take any personalities into account because you look at this team and a lot of the people are of similar ilk, very reserved, buttoned up answers. The celebrations, they don't get you entirely pumped up. Luke voigt was probably the main guy who got everyone jacked up, but this Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrations really wasn't until the end of the year that you saw emotion ripping through this Clubhouse when.

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