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So that's super super important, particularly when you decide you want to marry somebody who have children with them. You should know that you evaluate our alliance. Right. So the legion money, you know, sexual orientation, all of those kinds of things that you sink is aligned you have to actually find out. It's the lion. And only when it's aligned will it work, otherwise in constant strife, so when people have relationship issues, what's they actually have have is issues in aligned values. What shoes in communication, so if you can't agree on money, or you can't agree children are being baptized or not if you you know? Can never talk with each other was outed blowing up those relationship issues their relationship of their issues of not enough sameness? That's when you understand that. Then you have to understand that in order to have a functioning long-term relationship. If that's what choose if to find somebody with whom you can align as fully as possible. How ever it comes the horrible part as you alliance fullest possible, you become one more of the same and the more you become the same the less that opposite attract call it the overall dick friction in the work. I do because that says it all right? This the friction rubs it makes it hot the hotness is the sexual hotness. But the friction is disagreement. And so, you know, I'm sure, you know, people like that I know people like that have crazy hot sex, the constantly fights crazy odds sakes, usually make up six why they can't agree on anything. It's horribly contentious. But if grade six because this so far apart as you come close until Centro some closer together, this listened less and less of a spark this list of that they call it player. It's something and pulls the arc. We call. It a road. Fiction, but it's pretty much the same as a few details that different and. What that means is that at some point when you faded for a while. Now, you moving in right now you're in one apartment do belongings makes together. And that means, of course, that only the things that you both like make it into the apartment. So there's more sameness. Now, you sleep in the same bid all the time unless you have palatial digs. But you know, most people once asleep in the same bid, then you have common friends. So now, you go out together and lots of people then start the business to ghetto. You know, do something they have the same sports or the same Tibbets you at the same charity, or whatever it is. So suddenly you oh get this. No more space for that that of options that slayer and then one fine day. You find yourself on the sofa in you sweat pants with your favorite.

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