‘Dorian Won’t Budge’: Bahamas Hammered by Slow-Moving Hurricane


At least five people are dead in the Bahamas after slow moving hurricane Dorian blew over the islands overnight in the US more than one million people along the east coast from Florida up to South Carolina under a mandatory evacuation order right now turning slowly towards Florida where fox's Steve Harrigan's tracking the storm from Daytona beach worse the storm is expected to be here near Daytona on Wednesday morning about eight o'clock in the morning we could then see hurricane force winds gusts of more than seventy five miles per hour also some real concern about a possible storm surge water coming up seven to eight feet high and the mayor of Daytona beach Derrick Henry making sure residents note to get out here in a mobile home so this is a mandatory evacuation. okay good where you're going. Dorian has weakened somewhat it's now do a cat down to a category three a huge ridge of high pressure expected to turn it north and eventually northeastward where it could completely skirt the east coast potentially not coming shore

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