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Today on the daily charge i instagram now facebook may start hiding likes wifi seven already on the developing table and dove tailing off the best labor day tech deals the cheapskate rick reuter is here to break down what still good morning and welcome to seen daily really tired. It's tuesday september third. I'm joanie saltzman alfred. Let's get to the headlines here in the u._s. Were coming back from a labor day holiday holiday weekend which like most holidays here means shopping but there are still deals out there for you to grab rick bre has been spearheading cenex coverage of tech deals for years and he's he's joining us now remotely wreck. Thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for having me guys. So what are some of the best deals still out there for people right now right so as you mentioned the labor day holiday was a great excuse for everybody to have deals because it's american but we do and although a lot of the deals are wrapping up because it's the day after labor day there are few that are still holding on <hes> for example h having a really nice salem one of their <hes> more entry level the laptops. It's like a fifteen inch but actually has a decent processor and it has a two hundred fifty six gigabyte solid state drive and it starts at just like five hundred nineteen bucks ax which is a really good price for that. I recommend anybody who's getting that. Go into the custom convict tool and bump up the screen resolution two full h._d. That's an extra fifty bucks six the <hes>. I have it right here in front of me. I don't forget another novo. Start clock is down to sixty bucks and this is a really nice item for a college student or anybody. He also wants to be able to wake up with with videos or see a live weather reports stuff like that <hes> the air pods deal with the wireless charging case that was was like one of the all time best deals on that is now expired but you know <hes> black friday is coming so deals like that. We'll be back right. Well something. I've always wanted to ask you and so. I'm glad i got to do this. Live in front of an audience is how do you keep on top of identifying these deals all year round. I can't even imagine and like what you cannot ask magician to reveal. I don't care if we're live. We're not no seriously though i i have a number of different ways that i track these deals. A lot of times vendors will reach out to me and say hey we wanna do an exclusive thing for for cheapskate reader's go out different deals sites <hes> like anybody and then of course i have my spies here and there who bring me the good stuff <hes> the one thing i'll mention though is that for anybody who wants to on attract deals on their own if they're hoping to score a deal on something and they wanna find out when it goes on sale. There's a couple of tools that they can use the help them do this. One is it's called camel camel camel and the other is called honey and both of these let you set up water called <hes> basically price alerts so you let them you specify what price ice what threshold you're hoping to get and it will send you an email alert as soon as that particular product gets to that price. That's a great way to keep tabs on individual joel products that you're hoping to score a deal on that's great so we're gonna talk to some more and left. If you guys have any questions for him stick around he'll be there to answer your questions but next up facebook maybe the world's most powerful force addicting us to gobbling up those likes on our posts making them go higher and higher but it's considering hiding like counts. The company already tested a similar move on instagram in august so this is all part of digital health right this idea that it's not healthy for for us to be constantly trolling and feeding these you know this need for likes but facebook is the one that kind of pioneer across the globe yeah they on often cite and when we talk about dark patterns which are ways that you know pages are designed to make you keep coming back to the reason why the notification is an annoying red teijin not a color that that doesn't bother you when it's just lingering on your page so much <hes> you know their studies on people getting kind of like a dopamine rush whenever they do get like like a like or a re tweet or share on their post or something like that and you know a lot of people who have noted that this is a step in the right direction to kind of hide that so you're not like constantly reminded click on the app and keep looking back at it right yeah and also not only just engagement also it feeds into like self worth and self appreciation when you see somebody else's post gang or even just friend counts which they're not talking about. You're talking about a test for counts. Those sort of numbers have led to people self assessing their own self. Yeah i remember i would delete photos if i didn't get more than ten minutes on instagram while so i kinda shifted myself out of that and and i made like another instagram page has no followers and i don't follow anybody on post stuff on it or anything like that but it's very liberating like the break myself out of that chain yeah the next just be not uploading photos come on myspace. He can't do that exactly and finally finally wi fi. Six is just now arriving phones laptops in network equipment but engineers already moving on to wi fi seven. It's the next standard that it promises viewers better streaming video longer range and fewer problems with traffic congestion. Basically the idea is that it would deliver a wired connection over wireless. The guy that are are stephen shanklin. He interviewed um qualcomm <unk> vice president technology he said like blanket your house and every nook and cranny with us like hyper speed internet connectivity. What do you think about this. Do you know why why six is afraid of wifi seven. Why because it's faster is probably going to be the new standard tendered and like wipe out wi fi six more adopted but yeah i mean it's a very strong promise to say. That'll be exactly as fast. This is a wired connection. Just <hes> from a place online games a lot usually when there's lag people say you should be using a wired connection. What are you doing so hopefully that upends is that and it does bring a lot of new possibilities for streaming potential netflix constantly talks about how they wanna like more four k content and eight k is like starting to become a thing now and i keep looking at it. It's like who has the bandwidth to download all that like boy yeah with wi fi seven. I mean that definitely does bring that possibility right well wifi seven though we'll be waiting a while. It's not supposed to be arriving until twenty twenty four so we've got some time to prepare yeah assuming that an internet will still be there. It will be for the daily charge. I'm joanie saltzman. I'm offering. Thanks for joining us.

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