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Shipper at loft every time we city in trying to find a guys. I'm hosting there on friday so i don't know when this comes out but then i ever yeah yeah i'm at court mcginnis on all social media according to mcguinness dot com if you nasty i run a weekly show. If you're you're in the new york city area on wednesdays at a place called poco. I also run a fantastic podcasts. It's a beyond say based podcast. We it's very gay. We talk about pop culture. It is called the nurses ceases n._a._s._a. I._s._i._s. your i take seriously if you listen is you. We feel like we've gotten you out to more comedy poco every single one time itself. It's one of my favorite shows yeah kind of underground basement five tondo ghana's hot and single if you're into that sheikh spanish and looks like david humphreys. He's on an episode of billions yeah yeah. Ah tell tom bill go. I can't compete against these little bitch. Don't follow him but come to my shell and hang out because that's very laid back. It's show you do it all the time. Yeah we have a lot of regulars. Look at us hot show in the city. I won't guys thank you both the.

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