Indians pitcher Carrasco cheered in return from leukemia


Welcome back Carlos Carrasco Indians pitcher who was diagnosed with leukemia in late may and stepped away from the team for treatment in early June he pitched his first inning in his return so now you can column a cancer survivor and without a doubt that is my favorite moment from the weekend in sports it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio really cool to see the reception that he got on the road actually the Indians were playing in Tampa against the rays and when Carrasco came on the field so he took the mound at the break of an inning it's not like they stopped the game to make the pitching change he was out there he got the warmup pitches and hear his first batter with Tom Hamilton on the Indians radio network but when he got out there to the mound he got a standing ovation not just from the fans and the indians' dugout but from a the the entire raise it dug out and the whole ball park celebrating cookies return and I thought that was really classy and that's also something we heard from Terry Francona following the game you know one on the way both teams reacted was I mean I know how our guys feel I actually know how cash she feels about him and they have so much classy in Q. and those guys anyway that was a really nice gesture on their part when I watch the highlights I didn't see it live but I thought soon after when I watch the highlight of him getting out there to the mountains all the reaction from the teams in the fans I got all teary and you can imagine that he felt the same way though he did say it was easy once I got out there on the mound it was just baseball at the same time this is all he's wanted to do this one one of the things that kept him going over the last several months as he has gone through the not just the diagnoses but also the treatment for leukemia and thankfully it is a treatable form of the

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