ObamaCare architect: I don't agree with Medicare-for-all


The man considered to be one of the architects of obamacare is defending the healthcare plan against democratic calls for Medicare for all and my T. Ford professor of economics Jonathan Gruber told the fox business network there should be a public option one form of would be to build on what the affordable Care Act accomplished as Joe Biden reason suggested by making previous more affordable by offering a public option to vigils not a mandate not forcing people going to government insurance but our free of public options like towns have public parks if you can't afford a backyard you got a public park to go do I think the same thing should be true with health insurance yeah I mean for your private insurance a should be a public option on god and the other thing is and in terms of Medicare for all I mean you basically you know doing away with the entire private insurance industry a hundred eighty million people are getting their insurance from the private sector so doing away with that you know is is actually creating Medicare for nobody well I mean basically that that's not true I mean you're free are you are trading I I don't understand that line your creating Medicare for all however I completely agree with your main point Maria which because it's a federal program that's going to do away with people's private insurance a hundred and eighty million people sure and your kids can put them in Medicare and what I'm saying is I'm agreeing with your main point which is that basically I think it's very difficult you look at the opposition to obamacare the fact that a very small number of people had to give up really crappy health insurance and they got very upset you can't take that algae ask a hundred eighty million people to give up good health insurance and I could be happy about it former vice president Joe Biden is defending obamacare as he makes a run for that twenty twenty democratic nomination many of his challengers are pushing Bernie Sanders Medicare for

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