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So the palace is once again on the defensive Buckingham Palace all over this Jeffrey abstain prince Andrew situation well a huge document dump right a couple Fridays ago all about that defamation lawsuits between Virginia Roberts this seventeen year old woman who claims she was a sex slave for Jeffrey up steam and people are still going through all the documents or what's in there and slowly little bits are trickling out here and most recently it was the information by the pilot the pilots David Rogers is sixty six and he was the pilot on Jeffrey abstains private jet I have a question I want to know more about that guy yeah because he's like a Dottie Sandusky he was flying that plane he was living in that house and he probably had that door polder the curtain pole right he knew what was going on willing to overlook this right for the money he flew the chat he also talked about having seen some very high profile guests on this child rape airplane child rape air president Clinton Naomi Campbell Kevin Spacey a number of times now in this one specifically he talks about the the woman who was involved in this original lawsuit are really miss got free right Jeffrey it turns out that the deposition is among the court documents that we've been talking about like like a Shannon just mention this is the first time that both prince Andrew in Virginia Joffrey work on EPS teens that at Jack at the same time now that the pilot said that I was very careful to say listen I was in the car you know why in with my yoke I didn't see anything going on back well I don't know if anything bad happen I don't know if he said that but he all they say is that he did not accuse prince Andrew of any wrongdoing on the flights so I don't know if he said I didn't see anything he certainly didn't say I saw prince Andrew doing anything but why would he was flying the plane Virginia Roberts Jeffrey is this woman's name sure I think her Roberts is her maiden name and Jeffrey's now her married name that's why it's a slightly confusing but Jeffrey I've seen prince Andrew gill lane Maxwell and this young woman wore passengers on a flight from New Jersey down to Saint Thomas to go to Pat a file island had a file island now why would prince Andrew be on the flight to a file island if he wasn't engaging and peta file things or at the very least ladies and let's say he wasn't engaging in it but he knew what was going on I was happening under his nose that's the part that was also report yesterday that I read it prince Andrew would defend Jeffrey apps dean in yelling fights with friends who would say to him Hey you got to cut ties with this Jeffrey Epstein character he is bad news and he's a registered sex offender any was convicted of raping girls and prince Andrew would say something along the lines of you don't know him like I know him see and it's that kind of behavior at that points to him engaging in the same child rape stuff that that obscene was I mean him on the flights now in the flight logs as being passengers to that island coupled with the video that came out over the weekend it showing him in twenty ten to years after everyone knew I've seen was a child rapist in his home in New York is bad for the palace this is the guy that's forth from the throne and they had to release another statement disputing the pilots claims the statement said the evidence statement was submitted in a case in which the Duke was not a party and which any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue the statement shows a number of inconsistencies between the dukes alleged location and its actual location when checked with the court circular in some cases he's on different continents prove it okay well here's a here's the other part of that the woman who gave this deposition her lawsuit was not contemporary wasn't done in two thousand one so I find it very likely that you're gonna be able to trip up on some dates like that I mean this woman was said to be what nineteen years old at the time that she was super seventeen years old I think when she was on these flights what what do you remember what you were doing on a Tuesday and when you were seventeen years old no but I wasn't getting raped on a jet by billionaires I think if I was then maybe it would stick in my brain a little bit more for that scrambled your brain even more you were unwilling to to remember those those states I don't now a different different impacts on

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