Quentin Tarantino on 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'


Is quentin tarantino on the podcast for the first time and it'd be last tokyo ten films for his nine enjoy. We're delighted to be joined on the podcast for the first time we can't believe is the first time you've been on the apple podcasts lacasse quentin tarantino. Yes podcast all right so i know i know but you hear now as i am with <hes> once upon time in hollywood and you must be delighted with the reaction so far in the states the opening weekend your biggest yet yeah and also i guess generally do you keep your ear into the ground in terms of how people are reacting to the film as well. Oh yeah no. I mean we're here. Tuesday effort opened in america and so so just before i got on the plane on monday i wednesday i think today but i spent i spent the whole weekend going all over los angeles seeing it play at this plate the bruin where where she goes to the cinerama dome at my feet or the new beverly add so and and one of the things about my movies i have scenes where the audience is supposed to react either it be laughter or suspense since or exclamation points or whatever whatever the deal is so. It's pretty easy for me to walk into a theater and see whether or not the movies working or not because i have all these like <hes> signpost along the way yeah do you do you go up to the counter and go. Can i get into this movie for free ideas to try to sneak in without causing too much of a commotion at the new beverly europe anyway yeah exactly yeah. That's the one place i can't yeah i mean there are a number of of scenes i think that are designed to elicit that reaction from audiences as you say and i think it's hard to talk but it's moving away without really kind of starting with the the end <hes> in a strange way because much where you began when you first began to conceive this project in terms of refining what happened to sharon tate and chase bringing eh everyone else in the house on that night i get the feeling that you are gripped by a burning sense of injustice. Obviously what happened. The night is horrendous and you're using the the power cinema to rewrite history is is that we began. No that's kind of that really is i mean i guess the real beginning beginning was witnessing dynamic between an actor had been at things for a while and their stunt double that had been working for you know at least around a decade together you yeah so that's i think where i i came up with it and then when i but then once i actually started coming about putting together a story then yeah did come up with the end first and then work work work backwards to get to get there but yeah there is <hes> you can say i'm using the power of cinema to write bronx longs or whatever i mean i think the the sentence i would use is metaphorically saving sharon yeah.

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